Match Reports: MBGM Casual Cup 2003
Pattana 08.15 March 30st, 2003

MBMG Cup 2003 winners: Vikings

MBMG Cup 2003

Winners: Scandinavian Vikings
Runners-up: Pattaya
3rd place: British Club

What a glorious day for the Vikings. Here are the results that lead the way to victory:

Preliminary round:

Vikings - Unocal 3-0 (goals: Niclas, Jakob, Andras)

Kick-off on Sunday morning at 8.15 AM is very, very early, but fortunately the Thai team from Unocal need even more time than the Vikings to wake up, so Vikings took an easy opening game of the tournament 3-0, which saw a beautiful run through from Niclas and a nice between-the-leg heel-kick from Jakob, finally placing him on the goalscorers list. Vikings were awarded a free kick just a few meters outside the penalty area where Andras soon beautifully curved the ball left around the wall and out of reach for the goalie.

Vikings - Bulls Head
1-0 (goal: Lars)

Second game was revenge time against Bulls Head, who had snapped the conference title from the Vikings hands and passed it on to Warbler just a week earlier. It was a close fought game as the 3 previous games this season, but finally Vikings came out on top with a 1-0 win, the goal coming when Andras, on a free kick, aimed for Lars who led the ball slip through his legs to confuse the goalkeeper and after a small fight, he finally dropped the ball into the goal. Lars admits that he didn't kick it much, but for his honesty and persistence, we credit him the goal.
Nick - Man of the Cup

Vikings - High School Casuals 2-0 (3-0) (goals: Erling 2, (Niclas))

The final game against High School Casuals was of no importance as Vikings had already secured 1st place in the group and a place in the semi-finals. But why break an unbeaten run they thought and went on to win 2-0 or was it 3-0. We know that Erling scored two beautiful goals which were unquestionably awarded and Nick scored a pearl of a first-timer, which was first disallowed for offside, but after the game, there were doubts if the ref had actually written 3-0 in the match report. Well, in our books it was a beauty and should count, eventhough this takes Nick past this reporter in the goal scorer standing, which naturally does not becomes him well.


Vikings - British Club
0-0, 5-4 on penalties (goals: Niclas, Palle, Andras, Michael, Lars)

British Club had beaten Warbler in their group to take first place and the much improved BC team was a tough hurdle in the semis which finally went to penalty kicks. Vikings had the most chances to win in regulation, but didn't convert.
In penalties Niclas, Palle, Andras and Michael converted with ease. BC also converted on 4 out of 5, unfortunately one Vikings player missed (I have promised to keep him anonymous), so extra shots were required. BC missed the shot and so Lars had the chance to win the game and so he did in calm style.


Vikings - Pattaya 2-0 (goals: Erling 2)

In the finals Pattaya awaited after easily dismissing German All Stars in their semi-final. The game was very even, but again Erling showed that it was his day with a couple of goals that secured the victory.

So at the end of the day, Vikings were the winners, Nick was Man-of-the-Tournament, Erling topscorer and Peter was Mr. Cleansheet, keeping the big zero throughout 5 games of regulation.

What a brilliant performance from the 15 (13 1/2) man team. Strong performance by: Peter (Mr. Cleansheet), Ole (who dislocated his shoulder in the final and were taken to the hospital, again..), Bjoern (who were injured early but came back strongly to help out in the final), Phil (who hadn't eaten in a week previous to the tournament), Michael (THE WALL), Jakob (could become the most succesful coach in Vikings history), Niclas (man-of-the-tournament, which says it all), Andras (freekick wanna-be), Ole Schacksen (who first injured his foot, then subbed as goalkeeper for ISB with great success, but unfortunately broke a bone in his hand and then left the stadium, however should still be credited for part of the trophy), Mikael H. (looked very tired on the wing at times, but fought bravely), Keld (never quit attitude), Palle (well I was there), Lars (uninjured and goalscorer, that doesn't happen often, sorry...), Tim Real (strong fight and bringing fresh tuna to the boys), Erling Pakula (the TOP-SCORER, after scoring 1 goal in the regular season this man snapped and made spectacular goals on a string, we are sure he is still telling Mam about what went through his mind as he scored that goal, and that goal, and that goal)

Bring this attitude to the League play-offs and we will take that trophy too........

Palle"Bayoke" Morthorst

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