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Casual Cup 2006


Mixed Vikings feelings at the Casual Cup

Vikings got 6th place

May 20/21; all weekend at Patana

Man of the Tournament: Terry B

It was with some doubts the Vikings went in to The Casual Cup in the weekend May 20 th and 21 st. With key players like Arvling, Sweeper and all of the Swedish Breitner gang missing it was very doubtful which kind of performance the team would pull off. Ending up in a tough group with Londoner, The French Frogs, The Winking Frogs, British Club and Sunbelt didn’t do much for the optimism before the tournament.

From beginning it was clear that Viking success could only come through a rock solid defense and some inspirational moments from the two golden boys in front Henrik and C2 (formerly known as The Topscorer).

First game was against The Frogs and going 1-0 down in the beginning of the game it was uphill for The Vikings. Midway in the half C2 headed the ball on the post but it bounced back in play. Instead The Frogs made a second goal just before half time and the game seemed over. The second half started with a solid Viking pressure ending up with a sublime pass from Terry up to C2 who stretched to get the goal to 1-2. There were still hope and The Vikings kept on pushing forward culminating with C2 crossing the ball in the French penalty box to Henrik who had a wide open goal only one meter from the line. But instead of equalizing he decided to blast the ball over the cross bar and demoralize all of his teammates. The game ended with a sending off of Terry after a second yellow and The Frogs celebrating a narrow and not fully deserved victory.

Before the Second game the pressure was on The Vikings for a victory. Otherwise the tournament would be over before it had started. But against Sunbelt the experienced Scandinavians didn’t make any mistakes. 1-0 by C2 and later 2-0 by Henrik left Sunbelt without any chance of turning the game around. The biggest worry in that game was that C2 limped off with an injured knee keeping him out the rest of the tournament.

The next game started with C2 sidelined but again The Vikings showed a solid performance beating British Club 2-0 and allowing themselves to miss a penalty half way. The goals put in by Ola and Henrik. 6 points after the first day was one less than calculated but still The Vikings could decide their way to the final by winning the remaining two group games on Sunday.

The only problem was that the first game was against the newly crowned Casual League winners Londoner who showed up in their strongest formation. After a tense and hard fought match The Vikings went down 0-2 leaving no hope left of a place in the final.

Instead Winking Frog waited in the last group match. The Viking players were limping around with sore muscles before the game but they all stepped up when it really mattered. 5-0 turned out to be the highest victory in the whole tournament. Goals by Henrik, Terry with a thunder stuck, Nick, Martyn and Rene. The result saw The Vikings finishing in third spot in the group.

The last placement game for the fifth spot was against the old rivals from Dubliner. As Dubliner was missing players they had to borrow from other teams just to line up 11 guys. The game started with a fast Dubliner goal and again The Vikings found themselves fighting uphill. Early in the second half C1 equalized but only to see Dubliner go in front again 5 minutes later through a desperately unlucky goal from a free-kick. The game ended with C1 being sent off after two yellow cards and a small dispute with the referee. Apparently you can be off-side when the ball is played to you direct from an opponent. This is not always the case back in Europe so when C1 calmly tried to explain the Bogense version of the off-side rules to the referee he decided to show a second yellow. Too bad as C1 was completely unmarked in the penalty box with Henrik in a free scoring position in front of goal. But instead of the equalizer Dubliner once again screwed the hard working Vikings like so many times before and secured the fifth place.

The final result for The Vikings was a 6 th place out of 12 teams leaving them with a sense that it could have been more. The weaker teams were beaten convincingly but against the stronger teams the last touch of luck and class was missing. If the tournament had started with some deserved points against The Frogs then the result might have been different….

Terry Boulton was voted Man of the Tournament by The Viking players and Londoner went on to win The Cup beating Seaboard in the final.


Scandinavian Vikings – Les Galois 1-2

Goal: Anders, assist by Terry

Scandinavian Vikings – Sunbelt 2-0

Goals: Anders, assist by Uddman

Henrik, assist by Keld

Scandinavian Vikings – British Club 2-0

Goals: Henrik, assist by Keld

Ola, assist by Bjerner

Scandinavian Vikings – Londoner 0-2

Scandinavian Vikings – Winking Frogs 5-0

Goals: Henrik, assist by Martyn

Terry, assist by Uddman

Uddman, assist by Keld

Martyn, no assist

Rene, assist by Keld

Scandinavian Vikings – Dubliner 1-2

Goal: Keld, no assist