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Controversial change of management at Bangkok Vikings as Ambassador gets the boot.

Only three months into his dream job and before a competitive ball is kicked, speculations about Simon Drejer’s future has been circulating among Line and Whatsapp groups. Rumours of mismanagement; lack of clarity about the clubs direction and poor financial management are the likely reasons.
It is believed younger players at the club have sat down with Simon and discussed the rumors.

Not a dream start:
When Simon was added to the management team, the Bangkok Viking fans had great hope that he would bring in some of the inspiring Danish football seen at the Euro’s. Unfortunately, Covid-19 has put those dreams on hold. Now, as things are opening up again in Thailand and practice beginning, Simon has gotten himself into some heavy controversies.

Gambling scandal:
New boss, Simon, allegedly conspired with one of his own players (who is not a regular starter) to fondle money out of other players pockets in a Euro-inspired gambling scheme. The scheme was designed so that all players thought they had chance to win and understood the risk, but an insider told us this was never the case.
Simon himself added: “I completely deny such rumors and it was my clear understanding that everyone understood the risk – well except Scholle maybe, but you can’t help them all and it’s normal for us to have these kinds of small bets”, Simon said with a smile that revealed his new golden tooth. Question marks have now been raised about Simon’s disciplinary record for the club. Does he bet on himself to get booked every week?

Recently, German striker Scholle, better known as “Der Alte” suggested a new game and Simon refused to join the game. Officially he said it was because he wouldn’t want to take more money from the team, however, there’s been lots of speculation about whether it is actually because he couldn’t rig the game in his advantage.

Simon seen at his newly purchased tea farm.

Sponsorship scandal:
A major player in the Thai wood-polishing industry offered the president of the club, Nate, an incredible deal that supposedly would be the biggest in league history. However, due to the de facto president Simon, the deal was denied because his ego couldn’t handle it.
Regarding sponsorship, I don’t want to go too much into details for fear of future sponsorship opportunities at the club, but I had to trump both Bert and Nate in that situation.” Simon told and continued his relationship to the other leaders of the club: “Bert and Nate are generally weak people and if they didn’t have me, the club would be in a very poor place. In a year or two, I would expect Bert to retire and Nate will cave, so I can become sole carrot eater at the club.” Both Bert and Nate have chosen not to comment.

We can add, that the potential sponsor is now in dialogue with Siam Celtic about a potential collaboration partnership. Watch this space on this one.

Football scandal:
More than one player went on record and asked about the direction they can expect, what home training they should focus on and what type of game they should focus on, but most important, if it was important to stay in shape or not. Two players, Shane and Lambo, have taken their chance and really gotten in shape and they will hope that fitness will be a key factor in Simon’s philosophy, whereas both Matteo and Bruno according to pictures have tried to eat themselves in shape. Simon said “I know Matteo has an app, but he just does not follow it”.

One can only expect players will be frustrated when they read what the tactics will be in the media, rather than directly to themselves: “it’s gonna be all about fight and less about the game. Technical but lazy players like Joao and Ice might wanna look take a hard look at themselves and contact agent Kargo about transfers to new clubs. There attitude must change. We can’t have players arriving two minutes before kick off with a coffee in his hand”. Ice was uncontactable to interview, apparently he does not own a telephone.

Will Simon survive until his first game?
Between fans and the media, it have been discussed that Simon might not even survive until his first game in charge, and if he does, a few poor results can decide his future. Bangkok Vikings are currently unbeaten in 2021, but it looks like this could have been down to Coach Eero who has now left and has recently been papped with fellow Scandinavian Gylfi Sigurdsson.
Certain betting sites seems convinced that a new pair of coaches is on the way with the following odds:
Martin/Shane 1.2
Mourinho/Eriksen 1.78
Tim Tuna/Joao 4.56