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Hard fight paid off (BKV 2 – 1 LG)

Have you ever seen Barcelona play football? Yes? Okay, it was nothing like that, but the Vikings had an important win against the French croissants.

 Just like last week, Nate and Eero had some tough decisions to make before the game, as the Vikings once again brought a strong and large squad for the game.

Worth noticing was it, that Hjalte had flown his girlfriend in from Denmark (how did you land that one??) and according to rumours, he had been bragging about him being by far the best player in the league.

With a big squad in place, it came as a surprise that coach Nate and his Finnish assistant Eero decided to put the right back Martin Lambertsen in the starting XI. Martin himself celebrated the spot by having 100% pass accuracy to the French bench – leaving very little to work with for the Swedish hurricane Ice.

1st half
Barely had the game started, before a clearance from Bert ended up on top off the Italian curls of Lorenzo who could send the German goal machine Scholle into a one on one with the keeper. With a dirty little chip, he made the keeper look like a fool and could celebrate yet another goal.

With one goal up, it seemed like the Vikings got a bit scared of playing football and the baguettes took over the control of the game. Passing accuracy was almost single digit and the Vikings striker Scholle were left with some long balls to chase down. Neither the midfield nor the defence manage to play their way out of troubles mainly due to before mentioned passing accuracy and maybe some hungover brains around the pitch.

After around 40 minutes the luck were up for the Vikings, as the French central defender with the poor haircut, stroke a shot from 35 meters and via the top bar send it in behind a hard fighting keeper. Was it not for Shimo, Bert and the Portuguese charlatan Joao, the score would probably not be 1-1 by now.

In the dying minutes of first half, the Vikings found themselves in the opponent’s penalty box and after some chaos, the Vikings had had three shots from Lorenzo, Ice and Kenny, but didn’t managed to get any of them in behind the keeper.

2nd half
Rumour was that Eero was furious in the break and told the team to get their shit together in second half – unfortunately he did it in Finnish, leading the Vikings to continuously being under pressure for the first 10 minutes.

Out of the blue things started to change. The Vikings started attacking more and more and an increasingly tired French team allowed more room for Ice and Nate on the wings. Most of the time they made the backs looks like ballerinas on the royal ballet of Sweden (a Paralympic edition of the Royal ballet of Denmark). The haggis eating Scotsman Kenny also decided it was time to step up and make something of himself, with multiple good attempt and a few misses. It was too much for the French captain that got even angrier than he already was and ended up trying to fight the Scotsman. Kenny however reacted with an Italian “it wasn’t me”-hand so beautiful that it made Lorenzo homesick.

The Vikings pressure became stronger and stronger but didn’t lead to any goals despite intense pressure. After 78 minutes the French couldn’t avoid it anymore as Bert, better known as Boeing 747, after a perfect corner from Nate headed it in goal. It became clear to everyone that Bert was a bit rusty on his celebrations, as he sprinted all the to midline and almost stumbled on his way there.

The last 10 minutes were intense with more fighting, hard pressure from the French and occasionally counter attacks that should have let to the Vikings closing the game. The score remained 2-1 and the Vikings could celebrate yet another victory.

Coach Nate got so excited he celebrated the victory with a carrot after the game. If Boeing 747 scoring is not enough for Coach Nate to drink a beer, then we expect that Nate have had his last beer.

MoM: Boeing 747 (7 votes)

Kenny for being too Italian
Abdi for leaving his shin pads on the bench.

Should have had a yellow:
Nate for eating a carrot after the game.