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Head Coach remains silent as #CarrotGate is rolling

Bangkok Vikings Media have on numerous occasions tried to reach coach Nate for a comment on #CarrotGate, which has been spreading like syphilis in Nana Plaza.

Only 2 weeks ago, a picture was posted online of the Bangkok head coach Nate, eating a carrot after the game and refusing to drink a beer.

For many of the players it was quite a shocker as a lot of them always had been looking up to coach Nate as a semi-God due to his calm self and ability to bond around a beer.

The picture that have send coach Nate in deep troubles.

El Presidente Anders Kargo, is also rumoured to be very unsatisfied with the situation. He is said to be worried how this standard might affect younger Vikings that might not know the difference between right and sober. The results on the pitch however seems to be satisfying for the president and therefor he’s not expected to take any action of the #CarrotGate.

Unexpected support from Shanghai

Nate has shocked most people in and around Bangkok Vikings, but suddenly he could enjoy unexpected support from the Shanghai Vikings manager Coach Henrik as he uploaded beneath picture to multiple of his SoMe accounts.

“It feels good to finally come out of the closet as the carrot eater I am. In years and years I’ve been hiding it away, but with Nate being so brave, I wanted to come out as well and finally put the beers on the shelf.” Henrik Kragh stated after eating a carrot right after the game.

Henrik Kragh (Coach of Shanghai Vikings) who came out of the closet as the true carrot eater he is.


Concern amongst the fans

A survey amongst Bangkok Vikings supporters showed that 97% of the supporters said that they very concerned with the situation.

In the Internet forum “BangkokVikingsPillagers” a very worried fan under the nickname “Boeing747” wrote: “It is very concerning that we might end up with sober team. I know for a fact that players like Andreas and Julian is trying to educate the younger players, but what can they do when the coach is walking around sober and being all serious with his life.”

Though coach Nate is enjoying great appreciation for his latest results on the pitch, he might risk throwing all this overboard if things doesn’t change.

New development

All the fuss might just be an online shitstorm that span out of control. Our undercover journalist that works as “eyes in the night” and goes under the nickname “Martina Julianus” could report a different story from Saturday late night. Coach Nate was seen drinking first at a bar called Sportsman, and afterwards led the crowd to another bar that is unknown, as the undercover journalist was intoxicated in order not to blow his/hers cover).

However it has been difficult to reach Coach Nate for a comment, so it cannot be verified whether this was his response to fans, teammates and medias.