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Seasons Play offs 2003-01-20

Season Play Offs

At the end of the season there will be a number of play offs to find out who is the league champion between the two conferences (these games do NOT count towards final positions or divisional split next year)

The play offs will be as follows.

The top 4 teams from each conference will play a first round Home and Away with the final result being based on the cumaltive score and away goals.. (penalties if tied on away goals after second game)

Game A : Conf A 1 vs Conf B 4
Game b : Conf A 2 vs Conf B 3
Game C : Conf A 3 vs Conf B 2
Game D : Conf A 4 vs Conf B 1

The second round will then be a straight knock out, highest position team from the conference gets home field advantage

Winner Game A vs Winner Game C Winner Game B vs Winner Game D

The final is a single game between the winners of the above, again team with highest league position has home field advantage, in case of a tie in league position then most points decideds.

During this time the lower half of each conference 5 teams are encouraged to play some cross conference, non competitve friendlies against each other

Divisional Split

Assuming that next year (2003-2004) we have enough active teams to do so, the vote has been to move to a divisional system.

Again assuming no new teams join the league then the split will be as follows

Top 3 teams from each conference into Division One

Position 4 in each conference have home and away play off to decide who goes in to division one, unless both teams decide on a mutually agreed placement into the divisions

Lower 2 / 3 teams in each divsion and play off loser in division Two.

If new teams apply and are accepted then they will be positioned in Division 2, if more than a one team joins then teams from the conference system will be nudged up into division 1 to maintain a balance of teams.

New teams to the league will be required to place a refundable deposit in the league to guarantee participation, dropping from the league will result in the forfeit of this deposit which will then be used to finance league events. All new teams will still be required to have a Expat basis, i.e. never fewer than 6 Expat players on the field at any time. (for the purpose of this league Expat is defined as “Not a Thai National”)

Structure for relagation and promotion is yet to be decided.



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