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Match report 19-12-2020: Scans – Red Star 0-4

All I want for Christmas, is a victory. Scans 0 – Red Star 4
Santa, can you hear me? Probably not, as he is chilling and sipping Hong Thong somewhere in Samut Prakhan, under lockdown.
Despite the short bench available, the Vikings really tried hard to please the fat guy in the red suit, with a state-of-art Christmas tree formation ready to shine like a star all around the Playmaker pitch. But that was not enough as Red start turned up to be brighter.
The Scandinavians day started with some Danish city parkour tour as Christian wanted to check out some high school girls in Patana, to then realize that its Saturday and the game was on the other side of the city. Simon bursted into some patriotic rage towards his fellow countryman, contemplating to switch nationality into Swedish, just like his team mates Joao and Bert, in order to escape such diplomatic embarrassment.
As the game started, the Vikings showed a good 20 minutes of tactical discipline and good ball distribution, switching side multiple time, and winning all defensive corner kicks. Unfortunately a moment of distraction was fatal as the opponents found the first goal from the middle of the goal area, after a cross coming from the right side.
The team concentration started to shake and a second, similar goal was granted to Red Star, closing the first half with the score of 2-0.
Despite the motivational pep talk from Nate and Eero, the second half started with an embarrassing goal conceded by the duo Matteo-Bert. The two, in full British spirit, were too polite and busy drinking tea with biscuits to cover the area. One of the opponent, delighted by such courtesy, walked freely in front of the goal, with a consequence good dose of insults for the duo from the rest of the team.
After the third goal, The Vikings showed good prospects for 2021, as the team disposition and pressing were back for a fruitful last 20 minutes. However, just like this shitty 2020, the team conceded a unlucky fourth goal, sealing the final score to 4-0.
Last year’s champions, Red Star, showed to be more cynical and mentally strong, with great ability of diving in and out the goal area, and the referee was too impressed by such performances to give any yellow cards. Neymar is proud of you!