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Match Report: Racing Pattaya Vs. Vikings Semi-final

Racing Pattaya Vs. Vikings Semi-final


Regent School, Pattaya
7 Jun. 2003

Goalscorers: Anders (3), Johan, Mikael 1 each

Could it be a Double?

RC Pattaya – Scandinavian Vikings 1 – 5 (6)

Could it be a Double?

Vikings arrived, for once, as true underdogs in Pattaya,
up against a
strong RC Pattaya team which had swept all competition aside in their
conference and blown Bangkok United’s chances in the quarters with an
impressive 6-0 win in the first leg.

First half was an even affair with most chances coming
Viking’s way. There
was a tough battle going on in midfield for supremacy of the field and
little space was given away. Vikings got the only goal of the half, when
Anders was taken down in the penalty field and converted with a firm,
kick, even though the designated penalty shooter stood over the penalty
spot waiting for his chance, which was not to come.

Fired up by the show of disrespect the designated
penalty/freekick and
cornerkick-taker got another chance on a freekick by the sideline on the
right side. His beautiful curling shot went all the way into the top
lefthand corner of the goal and celebrations erupted on and off the field,
Peter even coming out of goal to kiss the golden white boot of the
goalscorer. However the local referee, who in all fairness had a good
whistling equally both ways, made the mistake of the game by calling for
offside in a situation where nobody even had a chance to influence play
had they wanted to, which he should have realized.

Another good chance came the Vikings way when Palle
played a short ball
from the right side to the near post where Mikael appeared and hit the

Just before halftime both Palle and Anders were taken
down simultaneously
on the middle of the field in respective headers. Palle had to be taken
off the field with an open cut to the eye and with no cut man in sight,
was taken to the hospital by two saving angels. (Thanks girls and thanks
to Sharad for borrowing car and driver – your car is from this time on
designated as team ambulance)

In the second half Vikings came out fired up by their
lead believing that
the place in the finals now belonged to them. A quick second goal gave
2-0 lead but when RC struck back with a goal that came off the legs of
Michael and fooled goalie Peter the game was once again totally open.
Vikings showed that they are a very strong second half team, 9 out of
goals in the quarters came in the second half, and another 3 goals gave
most impressive 5-1 win and secured a place in the finals against either
Unocal or Warbler.

Now there is real real chance of a double in the trophy
cabinet (maybe
even a trible with the Vikings Cup in September) and no matter if Unocal
or Warbler will await in the finals, the Vikings will believe in their
chances though knowing that tough competition will wait for them.

Michael was named man-of-the-match after a strong
game, as always, in
defense. Anders was tied for the title, until Palle returned from hospital
with 8 stitches and gave his vote to Michael, his own little payback to
Anders for taking the penalty kick…..Many players could be mentioned
their performance, actually with this kind of performance all players
should be mentioned, so good job, Peter, Michael, Bjoern, Phil, Ole,
Sharad, Keld, Mikael, Harri, Johan, Jakob, Christian, Erling, Anders and
Nick who has been an inspiration all year and was it again in this game,
only this time from the sideline.

A fun evening followed, unfortunately only 1 RC player
was left at
Shennanigan’s when Vikings arrived to celebrate the victory.
A close 1-0 win to Denmark in their qualifier against Scandinavian
brothers Norway, made it a perfect day for most of the Vikings present.

Thanks to RC for arranging the game – they will surely
be out to seek
revenge next year and we welcome the challenge – and thanks to Bjoern
arranging Hotel, dinner etc.

Expect to see a lot of players at practise, preparing
for the biggest game
of the year!!!