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Match Report vs Phoenix 3-2

by Scholle

With a look to the table everyone knew, this weeks fixture vs. Phoenix FC was an absolutely crucial one to qualify for Division 1. The coaching duo had some headache before the game, because of the absence of Scans Japanese-goalkeeper Shimo. Well, knowing a loss would get the coaches called to the Scans head office in Soi Nana on Monday morning at 8 a.m. …Also, it would not be a pleasant meeting in the road, that is actually known for its shady fun.
So the first idea was, to fly in Kabsche “the giant German goalkeeper”, but he freezed up in the first night frost in the freezing south of Germany. So, he wasn’t able to catch his flight to Bangkok.
Obsessed with the idea to have a German goalkeeper in this critical clash with Phoenix, Nate and Eero decided to fly in former German BKK-Viking player Mango, who just stayed in Mexico and now could stop by for the match in Bangkok. Eero quickly checked the weather situation in the 15.000 kilometers far away country, and he was relieved to see, that there was no chance for night frost. So, with only three hours of sleep Mango arrived well and on time at the Patana-Stadium.

The kick off time was scheduled at 14.30 p.m. and hardly any cloud could be seen in the sky.
Things started as usual with Lorenzo coming late “one Italian-minute”, to pay the obligatory penalty.
Scans winger Min grumbled: “No need for a warm up today”, well knowing his spicy Kimchi breakfast would keep him warm for the entire day.
Coach Nate had a surprise for the Scans supporters, who couldn’t find the name of Shane in the starting eleven. The most MoM awards in this season so far were not enough for the starting line-up. Probably, the defensive midfielder had a real bad training week. Furthermore, another proof for the always rising quality of the, today 18 men strong, Viking-squad.
In the bloody heat of Patana-Stadium the usual six and half minute warm up bacame a three and half minute long one.

The first ten minutes of the game the Vikings dominated ball and opponent. Two good chances were created. First Lorenzo crossed the ball in a high curve into the Phoenix-box, Scholle took the ball down perfectly to find himself alone in front of the goal. The fans saw his name on the scoreboard already, but to their surprise, his finish landed directly in the long arms of Phoenix goalie Tom Moore. Short time later Min’s distance shot just went wide.
The spectators were sure, today there could be only one winner: The Scans! Obviously the players thought the same and so the team performance was getting worse and worse.
Just before the game, Nate mentioned the dangerous Phoenix-Striker. The one with a blob of honey on his head should have woken the Scans up, with his direct corner kick that touched the crossbar.
Moments later, Mango couldn’t catch the distance shot from a Phoenix player and the ball bounced once again to the eye catching Vas, who only needed to say thank you, but he decided to tresh the ball over the crossbar!

At halftime, Coach Nate was not amused and tried to wake the team up with some subs.
But for now, things went worse again. A bad pass in the own half, right into the feets of a Phoenix midfielder, who just passed the ball to Vas, led to the first goal of the day. This time the striker put the ball from a good 20 meters precisley into the left top corner 0:1!
Being behind, finally woke the Scans up. Min tested Phoenix-Keeper Moore and then a freekick from “Air-Bert” found Nate in a good and central position. Nate was fouled, but the referee decided for advantage and so Ice was able to finish ice cold with a low shot into the Phoenix goal – 1:1.
A great tackle of Shane in midfield, followed by a long ball on the wing to Min, guided the way to the 2:1, out of a sharp angle after 60 played minutes.
Exactly when it looked like that the Scans will dominate the game again and it’s just a question of time for the deciding third goal…another crucial bad pass near the halfway line, invited eventually once again Phoenix striker Vas and he curled the ball from the left side unstoppable into the long corner.
Now in the last about 10 minutes the match was turbulent and could have gone in both directions. Vas, the honey-striker found himself free in the same position from where he scored the 2:2, but this time his finsihing was too high. So 7 minutes before full time it was time for Min’s big performance. Coming from the left side again, he went around three defenders and entered the penalty box. Short time later it was time for the crowd to flip out- 3:2!

The three enormous points were celebrated extensive with a the team night at sponsor Sportsman and later in Thong Lo/Arena 10 area!
MoM: Min
Man of 3rd half: Solid team performance