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Match Reports: Bangkok Blitz vs. Scandinavian Vikings

: Bangkok
Blitz vs. Scandinavian Vikings


ISB 14:00
16 March , 2003
0 – Vikings 1
1-0: Ole “Bomber”

“Bomber” strikes back..

Driving from downtown to ISB the temperature was at a cool 29 and clouds
covered the sky, giving hope that playing conditions would be good.

But upon arrival at ISB the clouds disappeared and
the sun broke out in a fanfare of welcome to the players for this ever
so important game.

The math was simple, Scans needed a win to stay with
Warbler in the title race before the final game of the season, but after
a hard-fought, too hard-fought, game a forthnight ago against Blitz, everyone
knew that it wouldn’t be easy.

Jakob – man of the match

The first game between the two was a disgrace to football
and both teams and everyone seemed willing to show that it was a one-time
blunder and that this game would be played in the true spirit of football,
namely with good spirit and a positive attitude.

…and so it was, let me firstly thank all players
from both teams for creating a much more positive athmosphere on the pitch,
which saw smiles and small talk, instead of argueing and fighting. This
is the spirit in which football should be played, atleast on this level.
Yes, we also want to fight and win, but it CAN be done in a positive climate.
It’s all about attitude and if you don’t believe it’s possible, you didn’t
see this game.

Back to the game which started very evenly, but as
time went on Scans took more and more control of the game, seemingly having
a little more air in the hot surroundings.

Ole “Bomber”

On a Nick corner kick the ball bounced around the
penalty area before The Bomber struck the ball with dead aim precision
for a Vikings lead. Some players close to the action, later claimed that
the ball struck one, maybe even two, Blitz players and called for an own
goal on the official record. Weeel, sorry, I just can’t do that, especially
after Ole have now called his parents in Denmark to tell them the story,
kept his wife, Utawan, awake the entire night to go over the episode again
and again from different angles and called the Bangkok Post to try an
sell the story. The only thing that worries me is that the only other
time The Bomber has scored for Vikings in an 8 year glorious career at
the club, he scored an own-goal in the following match!!

In the second half the Vikings supremacy became even
more evident and chance after chance was missed after nice passing play
up the field. It could easily have been 4, 5 or 6 goals, which would have
been good for the goal scoring statistic, but it stayed at 1-0. However
let us enjoy a well played match which gave 3 points instead of bitching
about lost chances.

At this moment I have to clear my conscience. I know
that many of you were sure that I would not mention the incident, but
after having had nightmares about the episode all last night, I have to
confess to those not present that I missed a golden opportunity to close
the game. Hoooowever, I also have to make an official protest to the gardening
staff at ISB for not preparing an even pitch, obviously the ball bounced
very awkwardly just before I struck it and therefore it went just past
the post. At the same time, in all fairness, I have sent a letter of complaint
to Diadora. Just as I was about to take the shot, my right shoe broke
the lining on the inside, giving me no chance to finish in my normal calm
style. Finally I will still call for the possibility that the ball did
actually go into goal, but out through a hole in the net. Now did anyone
actually see the ball go wide????????

Good game and good spirit from everyone, both
Vikings and Blitz. Let us play like this next time around and we will
probably win and definately have fun. The defence was solid as always
keeping a cleansheet for god knows what number of time. The midfield played
well after a bumpy start and offence seemed lively, especially Johan producing
many good chances.
Surprisingly Ole Bomber was not named man of the match, maybe because
so many saw it as an own goal, instead Coach Jakob received the honor.

Palle”Bayoke” Morthorst