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Match Reports: BKK Utd Vs. Vikings

Viking Cup 2003 – Singapore


15:15 29 Sep. 2003

by Palle “Bayoke” Morthorst


First of all thanks for all Bkk Viking participants for a strong effort both on and off the pitches in Singapore, it was a pleasure spending some enjoyable – and tough – days with all of you.

Secondly thanks to Singapore Vikings for organizing Vikings Cup 2003 – besides from lack of cold water during games and not the best pitches we have ever played on, it was a very good arrangement.

On Thursday evening the opening ceremony took place and the game plan was revealed. Since the format was round-robin, the only importance was in what order we would play the other teams. The order turned out to be: Jakarta, Shanghai, KL and Hong Kong on the first day and Singapore II, Singapore I on the second day. A decent draw and already at this stage it seemed like a deciding match for second place with Singapore I in the final group game, since KL were pre-tournament favorites.

Game 1 – vs. Jakarta, 3-0

goalscorers: Mikael H. 2, Palle

Jakarta was deemed a soft opponent (sorry Jesper Bostrup) to open against which suited Bangkok well as early morning games have never been easy. Bkk controlled much of the game and were solid at the back. Mikael scored 2 goals on his old home-soil and Palle added a beautiful free-kick goal which deflected off the wall and caught the goalie on the wrong foot. 3-0 and a good start for Bangkok.

Game 2 – vs. Shanghai, 1-0

goalscorer: Palle

A new team from Shanghai with an old face as sweeper – as Kim Groenbaek had to join a Shanghai team lacking players this gave him the opportunity to play his old teammates from Bangkok.

Kim played a strong game, which was dominated by Bangkok, but incredible lack of finishing abilities in front of goal kept the goal scoreless until late in the second half when Palle suddenly remembered that Kim G. sometimes has a problem controlling his hand movements and surely enough when a low shot whistled by Kim his hand flew out and deflected the ball. The referee pointed at the penalty spot and an infuriated Kim G. was yelling swearwords at the ref, the opponents and anyone else within hearing distance in several languages.

Palle calmly converted the penalty and gave Bangkok a well-deserved, but hard-fought victory and another 3 points.

Game 3 – vs. KL, 1-2

goalscorer: Morten (??)

Both teams had won their first two matches so this was a real battle for first place. KL dominated the game, they proved that they had turned up in Singapore with a very skilled and very fit team. Martin – who ended up as topscorer with 8 goals (for the second year running) not surprisingly scored both goals for KL. The second one on a doubtful penalty just before the final whistle, after Morten had equalized on a nice set-up by Johan.

KL’s no. 15 was first tripped by Morten outside the penalty area but continued his unsteady run which ended (after the ball had crossed the backline) when Coach totally unnecessarily ran him over like a (small) disrailed steam train. Coach still contests that he didn’t touch the guy, but those of us who were close to the crime scene, know the truth, but we do not speak thereof out of fear for repercussions. Hail the Coach for he can do nothing wrong…hail hail…

Game 4 -vs. Hong Kong, 0-0

Final game of the first day and the Vikings from Bkk were beginning to feel the heat. With another win the semifinal spot would be secured, but both teams seemed too tired to reach the goalline and the game remained scoreless in undramatic style.

Game 5 (second day) – vs. Singapore II, 5-1

goalscorers: Reto 2, Morten, Erling, Kasper

With renewed energy, Bangkok again showed that they are a very capable team when they are fresh, the biggest victory of any game came against Singapore II, who even had 4-5 fresh guys joining the team on the second day.

Reto had also joined Bangkok and with 2 goals he was a strong addition to the side. Morten scored a super goal on a header from a corner kick, Erling – finally – scored a goal and Kasper opened the scoring with a real energy goal.

Game 6 – vs. Singapore I – 0-1

Singapore I and Bangkok were already sure to meet eachother in the semifinals, so the final group game would only decide who ended up second and third between the two, which didn’t mean anything.

So the game was played in something that reminded of slow motion – (some would say that most of our games reminded of slow motion, but that would be negative talk and we don’t do that!!)

Singapore unsportsmanslike upped the tempo once and scored the only goal of the game and thereby the final standings of the group stage was:

1. Kuala Lumpur

2. Singapore I

3. Bangkok

4. Hong Kong

5. Singapore II

6. Shanghai

7. Jakarta

Semifinal – vs. Singapore I – 0-0 (3-4 on penalties)

goalscorers in penalty-competition (Michael, Reto, Kasper)

non-scorers in penalty-competition (Palle, Michael, Johan, Mikael, Erling, Morten) – notice that Michael is on both lists (anyone can score when they get two chances!!)

Second game in a row against Singapore I and this time played in a much higher tempo. Singapore looked strong and controlled the game, without really threatening Bangkok unless on a few occasions. A battle was going on in the middle of the pitch, which no one really won and the game ended goalless.

Penalty shoot-out – Bangkok decided to shoot first – normal spot kicker Palle, put the ball on the inside of the post and out. A poor start for Vikings, but Thomas saved the first Singapore kick to keep the score even.

Then Kasper, Michael and Reto all scored (Michael needed two shots though, missing the first, but getting an extra chance as the goalie had moved too early). Singapore missed another, so Johan could put Bangkok in the finals. He got the goalie to move right and put the ball in the middle of the goal, unfortunately the goalie just got his feet to the ball and extra shots were needed. Now followed something that looked like a collective meltdown – First Mikael, then Erling and finally Morten shot over the goal and so did 2 Singapore players. Morten’s shot the most spectacular, when he tried to distract the goalie by making a couple of cha cha moves on the way to the ball, which did indeed distract the goalie, the spectators, players and unfortunately also himself as he blasted the ball over the goal.

Unfortunately Singapore’s eight shooter didn’t miss and thereby Singapore was in the final.

3rd place match – vs. Hong Kong 0-2

The fighting spirit was not really there in a game for third and many players would have preferred to settle the game by penalty shoot outs – which Bangkok could surely need more practise in.

Hong Kong made two nice goals to secure a surprising third place and Bangkok ended up fourth.

In all fairness a decent tournament for Bangkok – I think we were the third best team after KL who won the finals 2-1 and Singapore who ended in second place, which the points from the group stage also showed.

Unfortunately the beer drinking contest also slipped out of our hands – after a tie with Jakarta, the old boys from Indonesia proved to strong in the second try.

After this Bangkok did however prove that they are by far the strongest team vocally and especially KL were heavily intimidated and left the party very early, after consuming lots of coke but amazingly small quantities of beer.

Thanks to everyone on the Bangkok team for their contribution. We didn’t pick any player of the tournament, but let me just mention our two markers, Phil Marshall and Jesper Keis, who played every minute of the tournament which is quite impressive. A total of 290 minutes of football in two days, well done guys!

We will be back even stronger for the next Vikings Cup held in Malaysia next year.

Asst. Coach

Palle”Bayoke” Morthorst