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Match Reports: BKK Utd Vs. Vikings

Utd Vs. Vikings


20 Sep. 2003
Bangkok Utd 0
– Viking
s 2

0-1: Erling Pakula
0-2: Mikael Hansen

Mikael “Wanna be topscorer” Hansen
Man of
the match
by Palle “Bayoke” Morthorst


Eligible players for Vikings Cup were given
priority in the starting
line-up, which meant that such prominent players as the MVP had to start
on the bench. This saw the dynamic duo, Morten and Erling, start up front,
very timingly and bringing back memories from many past Vikings Cups (I’m

Grand Sport provided an excellent pitch, as always,
which invited players
to practise their sliding tackle abilities on the wet, but superb pitch.

Vikings started well, passing the ball around nicely,
however the
finishing lacked the same accuracy.
Erling did show that he is ready for Vikings Cup after his training camp
in Denmark, where meditation and running in the sand bunkers was part
the training programme ordered by the psysical coach. Erling was
impressively calm and stayed positive through-out the game and even the
Japanese were wondering what had happened to the guy.

The other striker, Morten, who before the game tried
to remember his last
appearance for the Vikings, which we believe dates back somewhere between
8-10 months, did show some of the skills that earned him the topscorer
title several years in a row at the Vikings Cup back in the late eighties
and early nineties.
His fitness is though still doubtful so psysical coach has taken it upon
his shoulders to stay close to Morten through-out the tournament and make
sure that he is well rested and gets plenty of carbon-hydrates and
vitamins (Bjoern, no need to elaborate on this – have saved your last

Shortly before halftime a Japanese player had finally
figured out the only
weakness of Palle’s game – his eyes and with a quick move picked out the
right contact lense. After stumbling around like Rocky Balboa during
halftime, though not screaming Adrianne, Adriiiaaaaaaanne, Harri came
the rescue with an extra lense and Palle could rejoin the team shortly
into the second half.

Highlight of the half was a wonderful finish from
Mikael – another Vikings
striker, seemingly ready for the Vikings Cup, held in his old hometown
Singapore. Vikings up by two goals.

Lowlight of the half was the sending-off of Kristian
Strand, who up until
that point had played solidly as ever, however his temper got the better
of him and then it was off. As he muddered off the pitch, I got the
feeling that Peter was smiling in goal, noting something in his
goalgloves, maybe thinking to himself “what a great start for the

After this the game is not worth commenting on, too
much time spent
naggering at the referee, the only positive note here must be that atleast
the Vikings didn’t yell at eachother.

The final score 2-0 and a good practise for Vikings
Cup, starting Friday
on Santoso Island.

Mikael was named man-of-the-match for his goal and
fine performance on

Over the last week or so, there has been comments
that the writer of these
match reports, mention himself too much in the reports. So let me take
this opportunity to clarify that I always base my reports on interviews
with fans, spectators and local football analysts and am I to blame that
they mention my name over and over in awe time after time…I can not
the truth it would be a crime against my profession.

Asst. Coach

Palle”Bayoke” Morthorst