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Match Reports: Bullshead vs. Scandinavian Vikings

: Bullshead
vs. Scandinavian Vikings


Pattana 16:00
Nov, 2003

: Anders (3),
Mikael 1
: Kristian
: Anders


Season Opener Scandinavian Vikings vs. Bulls
Head Brazilians

Last season Bulls Head were one of only 2 teams that Scandinavian Vikings
didn’t manage to beat in the league, so what better start to the new
season than beating them in the opening game.

started out strongly on a very hot day and a 1 PM kick-off didn’t
make the temperature any less painful. The tactic was to attach the
british team from the beginning, hoping that they were suffering from
their celebrations the night before of the first football/rugby world
championship to the country since 1966.

It seemed to work, an early freekick from the left
side was passed into
the box were Anders appeared and calmly put the Vikings ahead. Soon after
Anders moved clear on the right side and neatly passed into Mikael who
from 10 mtrs. put a low ball past the goalkeeper to put Vikings up by
Vikings had a few chances for a third goal which probably would have
closed the game earlier, but instead let Bulls Head into the game,
unfortunately they didn’t seem to be heavily affected by the night before
and it looked as if some of their local players hadn’t even participated
in the celebrations.

Bulls Head pulled one back when a high pass into the
penalty area was not
cleared properly and Peter was taken by surprise when the Bulls Head
player decided, from the right side of the box, to go for goal instead
passing across goal, making it an easy shot into an empty goal.

After halftime it didn’t take long for Bulls Head
to equalize against a
Scans team who was lacking concentration. A low pass into the penalty
was cleared by Keld, unfortunately the clearance was into his own net,
where goalie – and coincidently his own work colleague, Peter was looking
in bewilderment.

Bulls Head could smell a come back win, but Scans
were able to regain
control and a couple of drizzling moves into the penalty box by Anders
resulted in a penalty, which he calmly converted himself – luckily for
the designated shooter was on the bench.

The game was still open until a corner kick found
Anders who beautifully
put it into the net for a 4-2 win and his 3rd goal of the game, seamingly
on the way to another great scoring campaign this year.

Unfortunately the game was overshadowed by quite a
few ugly incidents in
the last 20 minutes of the game, players from both sides behaving like
children – with comments like “i’ll shut up when he shuts up”
demonstrating an attitude that I hope players regret when they reflect
their behavior after the game.

Elbows flying doesn’t belong in this sport,
if you can not protect the
ball otherwise, then consider another sport, that’s my only advice. I
players on both teams will behave better in the remainder of the season,
so they don’t ruin it for the rest of us, who comes out every sat/sun
enjoy ourselves amongst friends and get some exercise playing a sport
we love.

Palle”Bayoke” Morthorst