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Match Reports: Scandinavian Vikings Vs. Bullsheads

: Scandinavian
Vikings Vs. Bullshead


Pattana 16:00
March 22, 2003
Vikings 1 – Bullsheads
3 (1-2)

Goals: 1-0: Anders “Fisker” Schmidt
Cards: 2 yellow and one red also for Anders

Photos from the match here

Man of the match

comes to an end!

It was fun while it lasted, not many get to enjoy
these kinds of runs, undeafeted in 140 days and now it is over. At the
same time this defeat means that the league championship most likely will
go, once again, to Warbler.

A short recap of the game, saw Vikings score after
1 minute. First Viking to touch the ball was Peter who found Anders with
a superb goalkick and Anders blasted the ball into the back of the net.
What a wonderful start, but it didn’t last long. Only minutes later Bulls
Head were in the lead, the first goal coming from a excellent cross and
a even more spectacular header. The second from a deadly corner kick which
curled onto the far post and into the net.
After this Vikings pressed forward and had a couple of 100% chances, but
it was just one of those days. Vikings have had luck on their side during
the season riding home many close victories, but on this important day
it was against them. Last hope of a draw/victory came when Palle (undersigned),
despite his near 2 meters, couldn’t reach a cross which fell to a Bulls
Head and was converted. Exactly how the conversion was executed, I am
not sure, as I was on my back at the time, trying to dig a hole in the
pitch big enough for my embarrassed corps to fit into!!!

Player of the game was Peter Goalie with a strong
performance in goal as usual, closely followed by Ole Bomber, who had
another strong performance and once again was so close but yet so far
from glory. Ole would however like to thank his parents for introducing
him to football at such an early stage in his life. In the part of the
country he is from, most children grow up knowing no other sports that
potato throwing and ringridning. He would also like to thank all his supporters,
his fan club and not least his wife, Utawan for supporting him through
tough times in his football career and trust us there have been a few
of those.

The season is over, not considering the play-off which
we are still waiting to hear more about, but let us sum up how the season
went. 12 games gave 7 victories, 3 draws and only 2 defeats, all in all
a very good season, thanks to a strong effort from all the Vikings that
participated over the season. Players like Nick, Jakob, Michael and naturally
topscorer Anders have been standing out game after game, but it has truly
been a team effort that have given 24 points in 12 games and all players
deserves credit for this.

Now we will look forward to the play-offs and hopefully
continue a very good season. The new uniforms got off to a bad start,
but that defeat should quickly be washed away with a couple of play-off

Also early congratulations to Warbler who deserves
to be crowned champions, we will however be chasing them again next year
with even more conviction.

Hopefully we can also muster a strong team for this
week-ends cup, it will be a tough day, so we need a lot of bodies out

THANKS to Peter for organizing a great after-game
party at his place on Saturday. We are couple of people who were naive
enough to play drinking games with the Undertaker, which we severely regretted
on Sunday. (Anders definately one of them…)

Palle”Bayoke” Morthorst