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Match Reports: SCI vs. Scandinavian Vikings

: Scandinavian
Vikings Vs. SCI


Pattana 15:00
30 Nov, 2003

: Anders Fisker
: Keld Bak

4 – 1 SCI

SCI proves tough newcomer to league.

Vikings didn’t know what to expect from SCI beforehand, but soon learned
that this is a team not to be taken lightly. Except from the sideline
crowd they have quality all over the pitch and it was a very even game for
most of the 70 minutes.

However 1 man was
the main difference – yet again. Anders came late, but
quickly proved his worth scoring a wonderful individual goal to take
Vikings up 1-0 at halftime.
In the second Anders scored yet another, but SCI pulled one back to open
the game wideopen, until Anders scored another couple of goals, taking
total for the first 2 games to 7.
It was a decent performance from all other Vikings, without anyone
standing out like Anders, who was named man of the match.

A perfect wedding gift for Johan Honey Spiderman who
got his beloved K.
Oui at a wonderful ceremony at the Oriental Hotel, neatly scheduled so
that all the Vikings could make it after the game.
Vikings managed to cut the socks of the happy groom and I am afraid that
we also have to fine the newlywed for the lack of Viking pictures in the
little presentation during the ceremony. We will however lower the fine
Johan did manage a “fitta, fitta, fitta” afterwards.

Many reporters flocked around Coach Jakob to get his
opinion on wedding
and his thoughts on the marriage – here’s one interview recorded from
Channel 7 –

reporter “Coach Jakob, what are your feelings about Oui and Johan
on this day” –
Coach “I don’t understand why Johan couldn’t make it to the game,
we all
made it here on time” –
reporter “hmm, how long have you known Johan and Oui”
Coach “Yes I think we have gotten a real good start to the season,
but we
have to stay focused”
reporter “What did you get the happy couple?”
Coach “It starts at 11Pm, so I probably have to leave at 10, it’s
a real
important game”
reporter “hmm, what are your wishes for the couples future”
Coach “We just have to keep working hard and I think we have a good
of another couple of trophees this season”
reporter “hmm, thank you very much”
Coach “Where is that spagetti buffet they are talking about?”

Congratulation to Oui and Johan from the Vikings!

Palle”Bayoke” Morthorst