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Match Reports: Viking Vs SOHO

: Viking


Meesuwan 14:00
9 Feb. 2003
Vikings 1: SOHO 1

1-0 Andras
1-1 K. Chat


2 points lost in heartless performance

Vikings arrived to Meesuwan, undefeated in 98 days and with a strong 18-man
turn-up against 12 SOHO players, it should have been a walk-over.
But from the first whistle it was apparent that the Vikings had either gotten
the wrong foot out of bed or both feet too late into bed on the previous
night. The extra spirit and will to fight that has secured many close victories
for the Vikings this season, was not to be found and despite going ahead
1-0 on a goal from Andras, the Vikings weren’t able to find it either.
SOHO had to replace their goalkeeper with Emmanuel, who clearly wasn’t used
to this position. In this light it has to be said that he was a good man
for his team, poor finishing from Vikings helped him along the way though.

SOHO afterwards named him as man of the match and surely a few Vikings around
town feel severely upset about this, taking into consideration that Mr.
Emmanuel on a number of occasions came flying out of his cage with no respect
for people around him. If what he did is seen as a good performance by his
teammates, then you have to thank god almightly that he was the only one
performing soo well, otherwise Vikings wouldn’t have had any players left
at the end of the game. First he made a low tackle on Niclas Uddman who
had to leave the game with an injured knee and shortly after that incident,
clearly not learning anything from his mistake, he face-punched Anders in
an attempt to reach the ball. Anders had to leave the game with a broken
nose and needing a few stitches above the eye.

Mr. Emmanuel defended his actions by squeeling “but I’m not the goalkeeper”,
well, ok, then I guess it’s alright to knock people down – well maybe in
France buddy……No wonder that SOHO sees Mr. Bang as their favorite referee,
not even a warning was given to the goalie!!! As an unexperienced goalie,
you can forgive when a clumsy challenge is made, but when it happens again
and even becomes more vicious, then there is no forgiveness.
Mr. Emmanuel clearly belongs on a rugby pitch and not a football pitch and
we will be happy to recommend him a couple of clubs – in Northern Alaska……

Enough said, the Vikings can’t be too pleased with themselves, most likely
letting the last chance of winning the league slip away. Best wishes to
Nick and Anders on speedy recovery.

Palle”Bayoke” Morthorst