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Match Reports: Vikings Vs. AC Milan

: Vikings
Vs. AC Milan (Thai students)


17 Aug. 2003
Viking Vs. AC Milan
(Thai students)

1-0: Anders
2-0: Jakob “Coach”
2-1: Jon Dahl Tomasson wannabe
3-1: Anders
4-1: Anders

Anders scored a hatrick and is now on 25 goals – impressive!
by Palle “Bayoke” Morthorst

Plenty of goals!

In preparation for the coming
Friendly fixture in Vientiane against the
Laos National Team, Coach had arranged a practise game against a local
thai team, playing in AC Milan jerseys and much in the same style with
skillful passing game and quick attackers on top.

Vikings quickly realized that the Thai defence was
open as a Seven Eleven
outlet on sale and it didn’t take long before Anders had scored the first
goal when a long ball from left side of midfield was taken down and
converted from close range.

Then Palle decided to make a sliding tackle on the
wettest part of the
field and was awarded with wet underwear and a yellow card after coming
approximately 15 minutes late in his tackle.

Bjoern, back from around 18 weeks of vacation (sabbat),
felt he could do
better and tried to tackle the footsole of an opponent with his head.
After a few minutes he got to his feet and stumbled off the pitch, like
drunken norwegian who is just setting foot on solid land after a 7 hour
drinking trip from Frederikshaven to Oslo!! Bjoern kept mumbling about
where he were and where he lived and after convincing him that his name
was Fleksnaes and that he lived in a small hut in Klong Toey, he was taken
to hospital for further testing, singing daaaeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhh all the

The game went on and another pass from left midfield
found Jakob alone
against the goalkeeper and he didn’t hesitate putting the Vikings ahead
2 goals.

Unfortunately the Vikings defence took a blunder and
let the Thai’s back
into the game with a goal, taking the score to 1-2.

Michael also received a yellow for one of his professional
freekicks. I am
pretty sure that when Michael goes through a department store he will
down atleast a couple of mannequin’s on the way, grabbing any piece of
fabric he comes close to, he can’t help it, it’s in his blood. Whether
shouts at mannequin’s dressed in black, we can only speculate about, but
it’s likely!!

In the second half many of the Vikings chances came
from corner kicks,
there must have been around 15 corners in the second half alone and
especially Michael and Anders came close on a number on occasions and
Anders also converted on one, giving the Vikings a 2 goal lead once again.

Once again the Thai’s pulled one back and so the game was still open until
Anders finished the game with his 3rd goal giving the Vikings a 4-2
victory and a good practise game before the all important fixture in two
weeks time.

A number of spectators came running onto the pitch
after the game asking
for the autograph of the cornerkick taker, but looked in disbelief at
signature – “you not David Beckham??” – “No I just shoot
like him, but
can’t you see that I’m much better looking” the young player answered
a grin and left the field to enjoy the usual victory cigarette with Peter

Solid game from everyone, including Fleksnaes, but excellent game from
Man-of-the-Match, Kristian Strand on defensive midfield. He didn’t play
much last year, but with performances like this one, he could be a
valuable asset in the new season, if he finds time for it. Coach will
touch this issue during this week with his wife and his other employer,
Nokia. Working in the telecommunication business Kristian also showed
skills in that area when he explained the linesman in simple wording what
he felt about his lack of awareness of offsides. We are worried that
Kristian is receiving too much influence from his defensive Captain,
Michael and the Management team will keep a close eye on this situation
the coming weeks.

Asia’s Beckham…

Palle”Bayoke” Morthorst