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Match Reports: Vikings Vs. Bangkok United

: Vikings
Vs. Bangkok United


10 Aug. 2003
5:6 Viking Vs.
Bangkok United

“Kyobi-san” 3, Palle 1, Keld 1

Keld “Pierro” Bak
1st goal of the season
by Palle “Bayoke” Morthorst

Plenty of goals!

friendly between the japanese and the scandinavians and as usual
plenty of goals. Vikings were only 9 players, so in true fair play style,
the japanese borrowed two of their players to their opponent.

With only 7 regulars on the team, 2 new faces and
2 borrowed players, the
Vikings never found any real rhythm, however under these difficult
circumstances and on a very hot day with no chance of substituting, they
did play some nice attacking football at times, which the scoreline shows.

Vikings took the lead from one of their borrowed players
“K-san”, but it
didn’t take long before BU struck back with a couple of goals of their
before the end of the first half.

Vikings had a couple of chances to get back to level,
one a decent
freekick that curved around the wall and hit the post.

“K-san” then equalized the scoreline in
the beginning of the second half,
before BU again took the lead.

Then Palle struck from long-distance making up for
the missed freekick, to
make it an even 3-3, Coach Jakob given much credit for drawing 2 defenders
wide, which must have been another sacrificing run, cause he should know
that Palle would never play the ball wide, when he’s got a shot on goal!!

However BU again took the lead, before Palle passed
deep to Keld who
finished calmly under the goalkeeper to win a well-deserved beer over
injured Bomber on the sideline.

Vikings then took the lead for the first time since
the beginning of the
game, when Jakob was played clear on goal and in his normal unselfish
style played a backheel to “K-san” who finished calmly for his
3rd goal of
the game.

Palle had the chance to close the game, when he received
a nice pass in
the penalty box from Keld and once again hit the post – this time the
inside. As some players, who apparently have no worries about their future
in the squad mentioned after the game – Palle should have scored instead
of hitting the post twice, that would have given Vikings the victory.
Quite rightly so, but remember that as Captain on the day, you should
the one allowed to win or loose the match – without sarcastic remarks
the sideline – especially from “injured” players….

Unfortunately BU scored 2 goals more, the last one
just before the final
whistle. Seen over the entire game a draw would probably have been fair.
Vikings had trouble organizing themselves, with only 7 regulars in the
team and naturally also ran out of air with no subs, so all-in-all a good
practise game.

“K-san” was voted man of the match with
no contest for his 3 goals. Coach
is already talking with his agent for a possible move before the transfer
window closes. Apologies that I couldn’t remember the entire name, hence
the shortening.
Otherwise the usual suspects played well, Peter in goal, Michael as
sweeper and Jakob running his heart out in midfield. Keld also had a good
game, crowned with a goal and Harri had many nice sprints down the right

NOTE: We will introduce a penalty box – fines
etc. are still to be
outlined – but offenses will be yellow/red cards, late (game day)
cancellations etc. Money will be used at a team event. The motivation
such a box is mainly to raise money, but on a more serious note, it is
fun, especially for Coach, when 2 people cancel on game day and you
therefore have to borrow two players from the opponents just to get to



Palle”Bayoke” Morthorst