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Match Reports: Vikings Vs. Bangkok United

: Vikings
Vs. Bangkok United


25 Jan. 2003
3:0 Viking Vs.
Bangkok United

1-0 Palle
2-0 Anders
3-0 Niclas CEO

Yellow cards: Anders, CEO, (help me out guys!!)

Palle “Bayoke” Morthorst
Man of
the match
by Palle “Bayoke”

Vikings stays in title contention with convincing win

Vikings entered Meesuwan remembering the last game
against BU, where they despite the 2-1 win had to fight uphill for most
of the game against a team with an impressive bench.

The roles were reversed this time around, Vikings
having lots of reserves standing by and BU only having 2 extra men. Like
the first game, Vikings quickly took control and unlike the last time,
they never gave it away.

Vikings had plenty of chances, many coming from cornerkicks
and dangerous crosses from the wing, where especially Harri had success
going down the right flank. Unfortunately good chances to Lars and Erling,
among others, were missed.

Unfortunately for Vikings the normal sweeper Michael
lost his way in a taxi from the airport and didn’t arrive until late in
the first half.
His replacement Coach Jakob, who have filled in on this position on a
number of occasions, with great succes, had to leave the game after only
a few minutes with a bruised knee. Hopefully he will be back soon.

When Michael finally arrived, it didn’t take long
for him to prove his worth. He received the ball on the middle of the
BU half and after a couple of moves hammered the ball onto the top post.
Both Christian and Palle followed up and Palle calmly headed the rebound
over the goalie and into the back of the net.

Vikings continued their pressure in the second half.
Anders had some great chances with his stylish moves in the penalty area,
where he time after time fooled 3-4 defenders. Unfortunately his finishing
skills were not as great, however he did manage to put Vikings up by 2-0,
which sealed the victory.

Niclas CEO got his first goal of the season when a
high shot from 15 meters outside the right side of the penalty area sailed
into the top corner of the opposite side of the goal. It looked like a
pass gone adrift, but CEO persistently argued that it was a shot on goal!
Who cares, 3-0 Vikings!

The game turned a bit nasty in the second half and
even though Vikings had the game in their hands a couple of players went
a bit too far in their working frenzy. 4 yellow cards was a bit much from
a referee who apparently only wanted to show the card to the players in
blue, but it also showed that the Vikings were committed to fighting for
a victory against a strong BU team. With a bit calmer finishing there
could have been many more goals, but 3-0 was sufficient!

A strong performance by everone on the Vikings team
and the title contention is kept alive.

Player of the game: Palle

Palle”Bayoke” Morthorst