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Match Reports: Vikings Vs. Bangkok United

: Vikings
Vs. Bangkok United


27 Jul. 2003
4:1 Viking Vs.
Bangkok United

1-0: Palle “Bayoke” Morthorst
2-0: Michael “F…ref” Nielsen
3-0: Anders “Fisker”
3-1: Yakimoto
4-1: Jakob “No Tequila” Bergholdt

Michael Nielsen
Man of
the match
by Palle “Bayoke” Morthorst

Warm-up for the first International!!

are gearing up for their International debut against the Laos
National team in the end of August, this past weekend by playing Bangkok
United, though not consisting of Japanese Internationals, they did prove
good test for the Vikings, just like they always do.

Grand Sport proved an excellent pitch for football
on this sunny Sunday
and both teams had an opportunity to practise their passing skills, which
they both did in style.

It didn’t take long before the first goal. Vikings
got a freekick just
outside the penalty area and Keld quickly realized that the “normal”
freekick-taker was standing/jumping, shouting frantically on the sideline
and to avoid any confrontation with him he quickly substituted himself.
Palle calmly put a low ball around the wall and inside the nearpost for
1-0 lead.

Soon after Michael Nielsen scored on a header from
a Mikael cornerkick. The almost
two meter sweeper is always blasting into the penalty area on corners
it is actually amazing that he doesn’t score more often with his skills
the air.

Topscorer Anders looked a bit rusty, almost like an
old fishing boat who
has taken it’s last ride out to dokkerbanken, but you can’t hold talent
down and atleast once in the first half he rose to the occasion and
superbly outdribbled his opponent and placed the ball in the far corner
outside the goalkeepers reach.

So 3-0 at halftime and satisfaction on the bench with
the first-half
performance. Like always the japanese came blasting out to the second
looking to get back into the game. They did pull one back after superb
dribbling on the left side and a tremendous shot that took both the top
and side post before another attacker finished the job just before Peter
Keeper could get to the ball.

After this the japanese kept pressure, suddenly believing
that they had a
chance, but after working hard for a second goal for a while without
converting they lost a bit of air and the Vikings started
counterattacking. A couple of good chances came the Vikings way before
Anders set up coach Jakob who calmly finished and made it 4-1.

A good practise game for the Vikings and though you
at times heard some
negative yelling, the athmosphere was positive for most of the game and
hopefully it will continue like this.

Jesper Keis could be a strong addition for next season
and hopefully
Kristian Strand will also be able to play more regularly than last season,
both played very well.

Jesper Bostrup from Jakarta Vikings participated and
had a good game like
most of the players did and after the game he signed up to join in the
Laos trip, realizing that Scan Vikings are going places..

Michael was named player of the match with another
strong performance as
sweeper and scoring a goal as well.


Palle”Bayoke” Morthorst