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Match Reports: Vikings Vs. Bangkok United

: BC
Vets Vs. Vikings


01 Aug. 2003
BC Vets 2 Vs.
s 3

0-1: Erling Pakula
1-1: BC
1-2: Anders “Fisker”
2-2: BC
2-3: Anders “Fisker”

Jakob “Give me Tequila” Bergholdt
Man of
the match
by Palle “Bayoke” Morthorst

The Bomber injured

Another friendly, another
win. Another day in the office as Coach
described the game in his, as always, drillo-style methodic way.

Vikings came out firing for the game, unfortunately
the Vikings frontline
– including midfielders – was competing in the discipline of inefficiency
in front of goal. Only Erling was able to convert, but the second goal
that could have closed the game didn’t come and therefore BC kept
believing and finally got an equalizer.

In the second half Anders put Vikings back on top,
but again Scans were
not able to close the game and once again BC came back with an equalizer
from their dangerous attacker (dangerous in more than one way…)

About halfway through second half the incident of
game occurred. Ole B.
was chasing opponent and ball on the left side when he spotted someone
the stands with a cup of coffee. Ole changed direction so fast that his
foot got stuck in the grass and as a result he had to be carried off the
pitch by the physical coach, who was shaking his head in disbelief. The
medical staff is currently considering whether it is worth the effort
repair the bomber or if he should just be left grassing at BEC, enjoying
his otium peacefully. A decision will be made this week.

Luckily for Vikings Anders woke up once more, taking
down a freekick from
midfield in the penalty area beautifully and finishing the job, securing
another victory for Vikings in their build-up to the clash in Vientiane.

Jakob was named man-of-the-match for another strong
performance in

Palle”Bayoke” Morthorst