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Ole Bomber goes to hospital

: Ole Bomber
goes to hospital


16:00 March 30, 2003

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“Bomber” goes to hospital

It is often said that old men should refrain from psysical activities, but
Ole Bomber have defied this advice time after time, however last week he
learned his lesson and now unfortunately will have to face the fact that
,yes, he is probably getting too old for this game – we suggest chess or
stamp collecting.

Ole Bomber dislocated his shoulder as he was trying to put on his new football
uniform – a brilliant uniform by the way, which enables players to breath
easier on the pitch and not to forget makes them look good too. (and those
who have seen the Vikings play will contest that this is some achievement)

Ole B. was rushed to a nearby hospital by a worried wife and concerned friends
of the family.
Doctors were able to put the shoulder back in place but only after sedating
the Bomber who was still high on adrenalin and kept putting a plastic bag
over his head – later he claimed that he was just hiding from the paparazzis.

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Here we see Ole after the operation with two guys
who saw the accident and helped Ole to the hospital. They would like to
stay anonymous but did had a couple of comments. “Mr. Futbol”
commented – “I saw the accident, he was so tangled up in the shirt
that we were actually considering calling the local fire department and
then suddenly we heard this crackling sound and Ole shouted out “Noooo
not again”. We rushed over but had to cut open the shirt as Ole was
becoming frantic inside and only after his wife gave him a couple of cookies
through the hole in the shirt, were we able to calm him down and get him
Mr. 33 added “Ole never passes the ball to me on the pitch, so actually
I don’t feel sorry for him, I only drove him to the hospital because my
coach told me that I would play in defense next time if I didn’t help out”

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After the two “friends” had left the
hospital Ole was again able to smile and
you can see, this was a big relief to K. Utawan.

After a few hours Ole is here ready to leave the hospital. Now 10 days after
the accident sources tell us that Ole is still using the wheelchair and
is actually considering getting the engine from his beloved Volvo build
onto the wheelchair and use it on a permanent basis.

Speedy recovery to THE BOMBER.

Palle”Bayoke” Morthorst