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Phuket-7s 2006

Mofok & Co. bring home Silverware


November 25 & 26, 2006

The Viking players arrived in Phuket around 10.30 p.m. on Friday night
and as the serious sportsmen we are, we decided to have a quite one and
just went out for some food before hitting the sack. Our first game the
following morning was already at 09.21 so we wanted to have a good night sleep.
CEO was going take the bus Saturday morning from Krabi and join us later
on, but after realizing he would miss all of our games he had to drag himself
out of bed at 06.00 and take a taxi to make it to kickoff of our first game.
Teams in our group were Royal Bangkok Sports Club (replacing Taichung
Compass, Taiwan), LVK Movers (French) and Bayon Wanderers (Cambodia). We were
only able to put out a team of 7 players after Richard failed a late
match-day fitness test, so we had to play the whole tournament without
The 7-great were CEO, Mofok, Stein, Matt, Breitner, Ola and Chris.


Despite being short on subs, we played a good defensive first game and got away
with a 0-0 draw against RBSC, with CEO, Stein and Matt in defense and
Breitner in goals as our biggest heros. Our second game was against one of the
tournament favorites, the French (they eventually got knocked out on
golden goal in the semis). We played a really good game with Chris and
Breitner having some good combinations ending up in a goal and an assist each,
with Breitner getting us the equalizer in the last second with a great
strike, 2-2. That meant we had everything in our own hands coming in to the
last games against the Cambodians. They looked the worst team in the group,
but maybe the lack of food, drinks and substitutes took its toll and we
went down 1-0, in a poor performance. That was enough to be out of the race
for the Cup and we had to settle for the Bowl, to be decided on Sunday,

Well now over to some more important things! Since we played our last
game already at 11.30 a.m. on Saturday, The Swedish Baby Gang (including
Mofok and CEO) and Stein headed down to the beach for a great day with sun,
swimming and drinking. Apparently the task of the day was to get Mofok
as drunk as possible and we were wondering if he would last the night
since the first drink was consumed already at 2 p.m. He showed some great stamina
though and after a nice evening with food and drinks at Chili (Thanks
CEO and Mofok!) we all headed to Patong for some late night activities…

It was a sorry looking bunch of Scandinavians (and American) meeting up
at the hotel on Sunday afternoon. The night had been rough on our players
but probably worst on our coach Richard, who didn’t make it out of bed to
guide us through the Sunday games. Despite that, we fulfilled our promise of
silverware to Keld by reaching the final of the Bowl after a 4-0
trashing of British One Night Stand in the semis, with Chris picking up a hat trick
and Ola adding a fourth. The game would be remembered for something
completely different though as our striker Johan Mofok, clean through with the
goalie, for some reason tried to put the ball in the back of the net with the
outside of his foot. Things didn’t turn out the way he thought though
and the ball ended up at the goalies feet and probably wouldn’t even have
made it over the goal line. CEO branded it the poorest finish of the century
(or was it ever?). The final turned out to be a hard fought contest, but
eventually we were beaten 1-0 by the Lions FC from Singapore. Ending
runners-up not only meant we could bring silverware back to Bangkok, it
also meant Mofok’s biggest wish would be fulfilled as he later that night
got to go up on the stage at Tai-Pan to collect the runners-up trophy. All in
all it was a great weekend with lots of laughs, football and drinks, more
guys should try to come next time!