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Phuket International Football Tournament 2003

Vikings vs. German All


11:19 Oct. 2003

Vikings vs. German All Stars

Sunday, Nov. 2nd at Jatujak Park.

Vikings 6 – GAS 1

goalscorers: Anders (4), Palle, Keld

Being promoted to Head Coach, as the real Coach was on a training seminar
at the FIFA headquarters in Switzerland, I couldn’t risk not being at
the pitch on time.
Therefore I tracked down Ole Bomber on Ekamai and tailed his Volvo all
the way to Jatujak. However this is where the story gets stinky. I don’t
know whether Ole B. hadn’t had his morning coffee or if he just suddenly
felt the pressure of being tailed by the Asst. Coach, but the fact is
that the man who is normally known to know roads in Bangkok that can not
be found on any map, started flapping, culminating when he had to back
out of a freeway entrance.
He then continued around the neighborhood with all lights flaring – as
if to signal his total distress. After driving around in bewilderment
he finally had to wave the white flag and let a motorbike find the way
for him.
We will let Peter measure the penalty for this offense, but note that
Ole B. caused not only himself, but 3 other players – including the asst.
coach in being late.

It was a game for experiments – as Asst. Coach normally don’t get a chance
for this, due to his much more conservative Head Coach, he seized the
Ole Bomber played sweeper and Lars J. was not deemed fit for attack and
therefore put in goal as replacement for an ill-struck Peter Cleansheet.
Vikings played well – Lars was almost cleansheet and after about 15 minutes
of the game he even realized that he was allowed to use his hands!!
Ole B. did well as sweeper, even though we missed a little authority in
his commands to the rest of the defence.
Schack played very well as marker and could surely be seen in this position
again in the future.
Anders scored 4 goals and was dangerous as always. A little mind game
before kick-off where Asst. Coach had scared Anders by putting him in
midfield paid off, it was a fired up Anders who just before kick-off was
put back on top.
Keld also scored a wonderful goal and played well. He also had been mind-baffled
by asst. coach, as he was pulled from defence to midfield just before
It was clear that the psychological work by asst. coach on the players
worked well and asst. coach added another easy goal himself to give the
Vikings an easy 6-1 victory.
A good practise game against a fair playing team.

/ Palle