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Transfer Update: Bangkok Vikings signs four new players ahead of the 19/20 season.

The management surrounding Anders Kargo must be in the run for “sales person of the year” as they convinced the central jutlander (group of people in Denmark known to be extremely cheap) to buy pricy players from around the globe.

First signing was made already back in June, as they signed the young (at least so he believes) right back, Martin Lambertsen, on the Bosman Rule. Although, it is not expected that Lambertsen will go directly into the starting IX as he arrives with two wooden spoons from the last three Viking cups – latest in Hua Hin earlier this year.

Player’s comment: It was a tough decision leaving Shanghai Vikings, but I already made a way more controversial transfer when I left Beijing Vikings for Shanghai Vikings. Freeing myself from the bounds of China seems like the perfect step towards avoiding more wooden spoons. And Jesus, does Bangkok Vikings pay well.

Only two weeks before the first pre season game, Kargo once again took out his seldom seen wallet and signed three more players. According to Coach Nate himself, he had a smaller asthma attack as the dust spread around the room.

After what has been an open flirt between Shane Owen and Bangkok Vikings for months, it was time to do something. The management booked a flight to Kuala Lumpur in a final attempt to buy Shane Owen free of his contract. A desperate player met them, with a statement shirt calling for Kargo to bring him on the flight back. This must have been a cold bucket of water straight to the face of the KL Viking supporters and said to be beating even childish Wilfried Zaha, who skipped practice after being denied a transfer to Everton. (Who in the world is that desperate to transfer to Everton??).

Shane Owen in a desperate attempt to catch attention.

Player’s comment: It has been some hectic months, but I’m truly grateful that I get to join a much bigger and stronger club. I have always seen KL Vikings as a step before going to a much larger club, so when I heard about the interest from Bangkok Vikings, I knew it was time for me to take the next and final step.

Third addition to the team is Julian Amici who was scouted during Anders Kargo’s last trip to Denmark. While the trip officially had the purpose of scaring kids, by putting them in FC Midtjylland’s academy (the Manchester City of Denmark), he also managed to scout a sensational big talent, unknown to most of the Asian football world. The Danish/Italian striker (imagine Bendtner combined with Balotelli) is said to be an outstanding goalscorer that enjoys a new shirt as much as a sign on fee.

Player’s comment: It finally came to the moment where I got to test my skills in a bigger club and league. Ever since I could pronounce Bangkok, my dream was to play for this club, and drink with these guys. And it’s quite unrealistic getting a chance to play with a guy like Tim, I mean; he was already old when I was a kid.

The last addition to the team is yet another former Shanghai Viking, in form of Hjalte Vinter. The player had a short 6 months stay in Shanghai during the 12/13 season, but due to excellent performance Shanghai Vikings couldn’t afford him (this was before Chinese clubs paid billions for peanuts). Hjalte is signed on a 1,5 year contract with a player option of 1,5 year more.

Player’s comment: It is amazing to finally be back in Asia and with a club that could actually pay according to skill. Furthermore it’s of course great feature that you don’t die from breathing the air, unlike Shanghai. (Editor: If Kargo’s wallet remains in the pocket).

All the newcomers will look forward to getting tested in the internal preseason game on 31st of August. Rumour is, that Bangkok Viking management have been looking all around South East Asia for qualified opponents, but found that making two teams of their own players, is more likely to make it an even game.