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Trial player sent home without a contract.

Last week, Stefan Søgaard from KL Vikings travelled to Bangkok to see if he could score himself a contract with Bangkok Vikings. Not surprisingly, he was sent home empty-handed.

Stefan Søgaard is known to change clubs more often than he changes his underwear, with a history in Beijing, Shanghai, Copenhagen and now Kuala Lumpur. Apparently, it is now time for him to look for a new employer and it was with great hope he travelled to Bangkok. “I witnessed Bangkok winning the Viking Cup two years ago and I can see with their current squad, they will be amongst the favourites again”, the 31-year old midfielder told to KL medias before leaving KL for the trial.

Initially coach Nate wasn’t much for taking him in for a trial, but Stefan’s former teammate and current Bangkok Viking player Shane, managed to convince Nathan to give him a chance. “Honestly, I had never heard about him before and I would be surprised if there’s any player in KL that would have the level to be in our squad, after the summer transfer of Shane”, the coach told.


Despite Stefan falling through during the trial, he still went out to drink with what he at this point, still hoped would be his new teammates. The undercover journalist from Bangkok Vikings Media managed to catch a picture of an obviously awkward moment for the Dutch HappyFace Thomas and “I´m Italian”-Julian, as Stefan was trying to brag about his past in Chinese secondary clubs and the retirement club in Copenhagen.
The Dutch HappyFace was reached for a comment on the picture; “Honestly, how you react when someone is bragging about playing for Shanghai Vikings? Normally I always smile politely, just as Tim Tuna have taught me since I joined the club, but this was to weird. I mean, he genuinely seemed proud about it”, Thomas laughed.

There’s no update on Stefan’s next plan and so far, the player have returned to KL and it’s unclear whether they now will try to rent him out to Copenhagen Vikings in order to get some playing time.