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Veteran’s Tournament


New Veterans team – Kicks A..

Sunday March 5 at Harrows International School

Bangkok Hospital Veteran Tournament # 2

March 5, 2006

Winners: Vikings

Goal scorers: Anders 3, Harold 2, Niclas

Assists: Anders 2, Niclas, Phil M, Keld

Pic1(will follow soon): Coach Uddman receives the trophy

Pic2 (will follow soon): Standing from left: Phil, Tim, Jesper, Phil, Harold. Sitting from left: Jakob, Anders, Niclas, Kristian, Keld

It was another hot Sunday afternoon out at Harrows international school for our newly formed veteran team. 5 attempts on the trophy had resulted only in a runner up, and few 3 rd spot positions, so far. Was this THE day to change all this!?

This was a 7 a side tournament we only brought 10 players to the venue. With my self and Tim Real, with together over 20 years playing for the Vikings, we did not scare many of the opponents. Fortunately we had some new fresh flesh joining and as Anders Schmidt and Keld, the two playing coaches for our A team, signed up we, got the extra power needed to target the tournament victory. The whole team fought to the bitter end and the result came accordingly.

Group Stage:

Vikings vs. British Club 1-0 Niclas (Anders)

Japanese vs. Vikings 0-2 Anders, Harold (Anders)

Harrows vs. Vikings 0-2 Anders (Phil M), Harold (Niclas)

Semi Final:

Vikings vs. British Club 0-0, (3-2 after penalties (Anders, Harold, Keld))

BC stood up much better in this game and did efficiently eliminating our top scorer from the game. It took until end of the game before we had adjusted to their game. Then it was too late.


Winking Frog vs. Vikings 1-1 Anders (Keld), (4-3 after penalties (Anders, Harold, Keld, Phil))

Lessons learned form the BC game. Being down 1 goal early in the game we never gave up. After the equalizer we where all over the Frogs, creating dozens of very good scoring opportunities, which we where unfortunate not to convert. Nevertheless, a well deserved victory trough penalty shoot out, almost made up for it. Viking Vets had done it again!

The Viking Vets football team is finally formal. We welcome all Scandinavian footballers over 35 years old to join us. You can read more about us at our webpage,

Upcoming Tournaments:

April 2, Bangkok Hospital Veteran Tournament # 3

May 27-28, Bangkok Masters

Niclas Uddman