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Veterans Tournament

Viking Vets Just Fall Short to Fr-Brits in Final

The Viking Vets just managed to field a team of 7 after new recruit Raimond finally arrived at the field after carefully searching for the pitch at the Domestic Terminal and some last minute signings of Fahri in goal and EG in defense.

The Viking Vets were still sleeping as the game began against the Japanese.  Before the Viking Vets woke up, the Japanese were up 2-0 and prospects looked dim for a Viking top finish.  The Viking Vets opened their scoring with an EG pass to C1 who neatly netted the Vikings first goal.  The Vikings continued to pressure the Japanese when Raimond launched a shot from the midfield which crashed off the top bar and into the goal and the game was even.  The Viking Vets had awakened from their slumber and were not about to lose their first game.  Taking the ball at mid-field, C1 found The Real Deal on the flank and a quick one two found C1 netting his second goal of the game.  The Viking Vets held off the Japanese for a 3-2 victory in the opening match. Vikings 3 – Japanese 2 

The second match saw the Viking Vets in full form against a strong Thai team (with substitutes).  The scoring opened with another C1 – Real Deal combination quickly followed by once again a C1-Real Deal – Goal – Assist combination.  The Viking Vets were in full stride as C2 netted a perfect shot on a feed from C1.  The scoring was topped off by the Real Deal taking a pass from C2 and efficiently putting the ball away in the back of the net.  The Viking defense was strong in holding the Thai team scoreless.  Vikings 4 – Thais 0

As the tournament progressed, it appeared like the opponents were becoming tougher and with bigger and bigger squads.  The Germans brought a full team with almost a full bench of substitutes available.  Unfazed by the stronger competition, the Viking Mighty 7 quickly scored with a shot from C2 then a long ball from EG finding the bottom corner of the net and just outside the reach of the German Goalie.  The Germans fought back with a goal to suddenly threaten the Viking Vets.  The Real Deal was not about to let the Germans get the upper hand as another pass from C2 found the Real Deal netting the second goal of the Tournament.   Another C2 – C1 combination and the game was in hand.  For good measure, C2 again found the Real Deal who netted his third goal in the Tournament.  The Germans were handily defeated by the Viking Vets –  5-1.  Vikings 5 – Germans 1

The fourth and final Group Match saw the Viking Vets against the newly formed Fr-Brit Team.  This was a team made up of the French and the British teams neither of which could field a full team.  It appeared that both teams lacked motivation as they both had already qualified for the semi-finals.  The match saw many Viking Vets shots hit the post or just fly wide of the goal and a number of Fr-Brit offensive charges shut down by the Viking Defense.  The quickly tiring and injury ridden Viking Vets were able to hold the Fr-Brits to a scoreless draw. Vikings 0 – Fr-Brits 0

The semi finals saw the Viking Vets against the Thai team who were seeking revenge for the earlier 4-0 defeat.  The Viking Vets seemed disorganized and tired and quickly saw the Thais net two goals.  The Viking Vets were against the wall and C1 and C2 seemed to be arguing on every play.  The Real Deal was heard trying to calm the Viking Management in order to have them concentrate on the game at hand.  C2 finally stopped his banter and single handily brought the score to 1- 2.  A few minutes later, C2 with full concentration on the game, brought the game even.  The Viking Vets were feeling the heat and lack of substitutions as both C2 and Terry went down with injuries.  Time was waning in the game and it took all of the Viking Vets’ power to deny the Thais any further goals and finally with disagreements settled, C1 found C2 who netted his third goal to send the Viking Vets to the final.  Vikings 3 Thais 2.

The final saw the Viking Vets against the Fr-Brits in a rematch of their scoreless draw.  The Viking Vets clearly showing their age and lack of substitutions were flat from the first whistle.  Midway through the game the Fr-Brits were able to crack the Viking Vet defense for a 1-0 lead.  The Viking Vets fought back with a few shots just missing the net.  Fahri in goal made some cracking saves to keep the Viking Vets in the match.  Having scored 15 goals prior to the Final, the Vikings did not have another goal in their bag and it saw the newly created Fr-Brits take the first place honors. 

Final: Vikings 0 – Fr-Brits 1