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Vikings – AFA 5-13

Vikings – AFA 5-13

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Claus 2, Martin V 2, Fran

Martin V

Vikings second game looked promising. With our first victory of the summer league as an objective, this time we played against AFA. Most of us thought it would be easy, but we were sorely mistaken. The defeat was so bad it made the faces of the Vking players as faces as red the shirts they were wearing. Some of AFA players arrived late. At the beginning, just a a couple of players showed up. More colleagues came slowly later on, and match finally began 10 minutes late. Vikings were wondering how they would play… Wolf was staring at the sheep in calm… And that’s exactly what happened from the very first second of the game, but with the logic inverted. The words humiliation and embarrasing are appropiate to describe Viking’s feelings.

Line-up was formed by marcus, stein, joel, chris, mofok, martin and claus.

At minute 3 the score was 3-0 for AFA. What was that? Vikings were still looking to touch the ball almost for the first time… And the worst ever beginning had happened. AFA demonstrated to have been able to score three times without any effort, just passing the ball quickly. At the same rythm Vikings would have lost 50-0. Changes began with Fran, Anan and Tuna in the bench, but situation didn’t improve much. Possession of the ball was on AFAs side, and the story continued with Vikings struggling to steal the ball. First goal for Vikings came from the recent world-cup winner spanish Fran, after a good combination with Joel. Score was by that time 5-1, just after president Tim had just decided to leave his goal for another day when he deflected nicely a ball that was going into the net. We all know he likes to save his goals for the important moments.

AFAs players were like jugglers with the balls. We lost count on how many times they made tunnels or how many passings they made before scoring again. All of viking players were more lost than a red shirt in a library. Some of our hips are still on the pitch. AFAs kept scoring at a higher rythm than vikings. Next time it was claus and martin time to score one goal each, just to repeat during the second half with another goal each of them. But jugglers were still there. Joel and Stein, as deffenders, were wondering how to stop them, Chris, Mofok and Martin couldn’t impose a passing rythm since they didn’t simply have the ball, and annan fran claus and tim were just feeling hopeless without proper occassions. Suprised frustation are also good words to describe, and this time jabulani and vuvuzelas were not an excuse.

Final result was 13-5, it could have been worse in the end, since Marcus saved a few goals with nice stops. Viking felt that maybe we have to improve something for the next matches.

Man of the match: martin

Goals: Fran (1), Martin (2), Claus (2). The only good news is that Viking can only do better.

Match report: Fran