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Vikings – Anatolia 5-4

Vikings – Anatolia 5-4

Man of the Match
Yellow Card
Red Card
Fran 2, Mofok, Tim, Chris
Claus 3, Tim
Joel, Mofok

Many Scans still not convinced that we had given up our losing ways hesitated to venture out against Anatolia on a hot Sunday afternoon. However, 11 brave souls showed up at the Arsenal Pitch to take on the Turks (sort of). The game started with the Scans full of energy and looking to put a win on the board. Claus moved down the left flank and shot across the goal and the ball rolled free in the box. Tuna from a sharp angle launched a shot on goal only to have the goalie deflect the ball away. However, minutes later, Claus again on the left flank passed into Mofok who made no mistake and rattled the back of the net. Scans 1-0. Feeling like they had the upper hand, the Scans continued to assault the Turks until Claus again shot on goal and the ball was deflected out to the edge of the box where Tuna uncharacteristically rushed to the ball and cleverly lobbed the ball over the incoming goalie’s head to put the Scans ahead 2-0. The Turks were not impressed by the sudden reemergence of the Scans but with the hot sun and no substitutes the Turks quickly put 2 goals on the board to tie the game at 2-2. Attempting to gather all the energy left before half time, Fran took a ball in the box and with put a one hopper past the outwitted goalie and the Scans were back in the lead 3-2. Minutes later, Claus from his left flank again put a through ball to Fran who was not to be denied and the Scans went into half time with a 4-2 lead.

After a much needed rest at halftime, the Turks came with new found energy and after some confusion in front of the net were able to put in an uncontested goal to cut the Scans lead to 4-3. Claus having pulled a hamstring at the end of the first half spent the second half stationed in the mid field circle. There were some good runs by Henrik (seemingly the only one to still have energy) but the Scans could not build on their lead. The back line of Stein, Martin V, Joel and Fleming (a good showing for first league game) were able to turn back whatever the Turks could deal out. Midway through the second half, Martin V from just outside the box found Tuna running in from the left flank (Tuna’s normal midfield circle area was occupied by Claus), Tuna took Martin’s pass down to his feet, took three steps toward goal and neatly slotted a pass to Chris as he was running through the Turks defense. Chris having hit the crossbar on a header in the first half made no mistake this time and slammed the ball past the goalie giving him no chance to make a save. Scans 5-3. The Turks continued to fight back with their young Thais finding their African contingent who suddenly scored to put the game at 5-4. Martin V was trying his hardest to put the ball in the air for the longest time possible and made a goal kick that nearly travelled the length of the pitch but none of the Scans had enough speed or power left to chase the ball down. He did it again and this time Henrik rushed down the pitch and nearly netted another goal for the Scans. The defense was able to hold the Turks until the final whistle and notched a deserved win.

Man of the Match – Tim

Match report by: Tim