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Vikings – Bangkok Storm 3-0

Vikings – Bangkok Storm 3-0

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Sivva 2, Claus

Claus 2

Having gone unbeaten through two consecutive games, expectations were high as Coach Mofok presented his 14-strong squad for the opening game of the season 10/11 – and Vikings showed no signs of first-game nerves. Fittingly enough, considering the opposing team was Bangkok Storm, Vikings’ usually so extensive warm-up program was reduced to a minimum thanks to a thunderstorm 30 minutes before kick-off. However, it would prove to be an afternoon when it would have taken a lot more than a few flashes of lightning to bring down the Vikings.

Scans showed aggressiveness and determination already from the beginning; Tim Tuna’s inspiring first pep talk of the season had its intended effect. After only a few minutes into the first half, Vikings were awarded a free kick after a slow Bangkok Storm defender had no choice but to kick Siva down in order to stop him from running through the defense. The free kick was to be taken about 5 meters outside the penalty box, and central midfielder Claus felt called upon to take care of it. The otherwise brilliant Bangkok Storm goalie placed the wall (or himself, or perhaps both) in a questionable position. An experienced player like Claus knows how to take advantage of a mistake like that, he punished the goalkeeper ruthlessly by shooting past the wall and placing it in the goalkeeper’s empty right corner, 1-0! Brimming with confidence after the goal, the Viking players seemed to be all over the pitch and were in total control of the game. An aggressive pressure, beginning with the constantly dangerous attackers Siva and Christian, going all the way through the midfield with two strong central midfielders and wingers running up and down like rabid soi dogs (except Mofok…), to a rock-solid defense with Stein as its general, made the Bangkok Storm players frustrated as all their attacking attempts were brutally crushed. Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t long before Scans could extend their lead. Claus took off on a solo run, with a lot of skill and a little bit of luck, he weaved through the defence and tried a shot from the edge of the box. The goalkeeper saved, but Siva picked up the rebound and had no problems finding the back of the net, 2-0! The rest of the first half was a fairly smooth ride for the confident Vikings. 2-0 was a fair half-time result, although Vikings’ lead could have been bigger.

Most spectators hadn’t even made it back to their seats, after getting some coffee during the half-time break, before it was time for Vikings’ third goal. Christian got the ball right after kick-off and dribbled down the left wing. He showed tremendous willpower as he ran past 3-4 Bangkok Storm players, before he found Siva in the box. Siva struck like a cobra and placed it way out of the goalkeeper’s reach, 3-0! If Siva keeps scoring goals like this, the club’s treasurer might just have to give in to the new attacker’s salary demands. According to an inside source, Siva expressed deep concerns about his contract terms during the team party following the match. After the third goal, Vikings should of course have closed the game. However, up until this point in the match, Vikings’ keeper Juuso had had an idle afternoon. His friendly teammates in the defense decided it was time for him to contribute to the victory, so they gave Bangkok Storm the opportunity to reduce Vikings’ lead by simply giving away the ball 3 times within 10 minutes. All attempts were of course denied by the Finnish star keeper. The confident, perhaps overconfident, Viking players seemed to think more about the team party than the ongoing match, because all of a sudden Bangkok Storm attacked in wave after wave, but they didn’t create enough clear chances to be a serious threat to Scans’ win. After a while though, Vikings decided that BS had had their fun, regained control of the events and closed the game. Vikings rode out the storm, so to speak.

All-in-all, great work from everyone and a well-deserved win for the Scans. If the team can play like they did in the first half over 80 minutes, few (if any) teams will get away with points after a battle against the Scandinavian Vikings this season!

Man of the Match: Sivva

Match report: Bladet