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Vikings – BC Masters 1-1

Vikings – BC Masters 1-1

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Vikings started out playing good football by working the ball through the BC Masters midfield with short on the ground give-and-go passes and created some scoring chances. Early on, Lindy passed a through ball effortlessly up the right side so that Martin V. could run on to and managed to make a swift cross to the middle. After the cross was bumped out of the box, Lars met it and eloquently shot it over the bar.


After 5 minutes the BC Masters were able to kick the ball deep into the Viking half causing our new debut keeper Jörgen to earn his stripes by coming out to meet the ball. However, Jörgen uncomically slipped and fell on his butt (maybe it was the shoes – he had no studs). Luckily Stein was there to delicately shove the striker in the back away from the ball, simultaneously never-give-up Jörgen from the ground pawed the ball away, and then Breitner ended up clearing the ball from danger. 


After a long throw by Martin V., BC Masters managed to clear the throw out of danger, where Chris took possession and passed it up to Martin V. who again crossed it in the box. Luckily one of last years top scorers was there to meet the ball with his head, but Coach Mofok uncharacteristically headed it 10 meters wide of the far pull (at least it was far pull – lets be positive!).



Preceding the goal was some awesome Viking ball playing. Chris and Ruj managed to play some midfield give and go with each other, after Martin and Shot Caller Mofok made offensive runs bringing their defenders away from the middle. While Ruj was passing, he was taken down with a two footed tackle, and then new kid on the block Magnus made his debut impact by also getting hacked by the BC Bullies resulting in a penalty kick. It was then time for Metallica’s drummer – Rock Star Lars to Enter Sandman. Lars placed the ball, stepped back and made a 30-35 meter shot over the top quality keeper – nothing but net. (hey Magnus – that is an indirect assist where I come from)


After the goal, the Vikings struggled to stay fresh and lively through all of BC’s hacks/bumps/elbows, the heat, and with a limited bench. Shortly after the goal, Ruj, who started the game with a bummed foot, went out after aggravating his injury. Seeing this and concerned for his team, summer league veteran Pong made his outdoor season debut for an unfortunate 2 minutes after re-injuring his knee. Again with only 11 players, even Star Keeper Michael came out of retirement to lend a couple legs to the Viking effort.


The BC Masters managed to sneak a looper over our keeper in the second half to get a point out of the game. Although the Vikings drew level, they really put their hearts and bodies on the line and gave everything they could give under the circumstances. Vikings need to get a consistent bench which was the difference in this game.


VIKING SQUAD – Mofok, Chris, Breitner, Martin V, Lars, Jannik, Ruj, Stein, Tim, Magnus, Lindy, Jörgen – cameo appearances by Pong and Keeper Michael. Tim Tuna, Magnum Force Magnus, Dani Alves like Lindy and Steppen-up keeper Jörgen made their first starts of the season.

Lars was voted Man of the Match. Let’s all hope Pong and the rest of the injured can make a speedy recovery. Also Vikings might want to reimburse Rock Star Lars’ coming from Pataya travel costs since he keeps saving points for the team.


Match report by Travis White