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Vikings -BC Masters 2-0

Vikings -BC Masters 2-0

Man of the Match
Yellow Card
Red Card
Martin V, Mikael
Nick, Ruj

Vikings came out on top in Saturday’s clash with BC Masters, claiming a 2-0 victory. It wasn’t easy though as the Scans struggled to even face a full side on the day. Michael injured his troubled knee already in the warm-up and with both Jannik and Graeme out, only 13 players were available.


The lineup was 4-4-2 to accommodate the strikers we had:

Breitner; Travis, Richard, Stein, Nick, Mofok, Chris, Martin V, Mikael, Udom, Tim


Subs: Ruj, Dai

Injured: Michael (Aggravated knee injury during warm up) Richard (maybe sprained ankle)                   


The game started with both teams going back and forth on both sides of the pitch, with the Vikings getting good opportunities that resulted in 2 goals in the first half. The British Masters started the ball in the back and passed up the wings almost every time, but was shut down in the final moments leaving very few decent shots. Most respectable Masters scoring chances came from corners.

The first goal started with an Udom corner that deflected to Nick who wisely bunted the ball back towards goal which suspensefully hit the upper goal post where “Playing while wounded” Martin V. gobbled up a header knocking it to the back of the net.

Mikael soon had an opportunity from outside the box and his shot went wide.  Udom had a dangerous free kick cross that narrowly avoided being poked in to the Master’s goal by a couple of Vikings.  After a pass from Chris, Udom had a shot that was blocked for a corner.

The Master just had a couple of chances. Richard made a good defensive play forcing a Master striker off balance to miss his shot wide after Stein and Nick wrestled two Masters Strikers to the ground.  In a separate instance, a cross came from Defender Mofok’s back corner that went across goal and was then shot on pole which rebounded to a Master who shot over goal.

First game player Dai had a shot that was saved by the keeper after a back heel from Ruj. Ruj later on had both a shot that went wide of the far pole and a pass to Udom with another shot on goal (keeper). Chris made a great pass forward to a running Martin V. who shot a little wide.

Breitner once again did a one handed TV save from a Master who was 2 meters away after a ball came in upon a corner.

In the second half Ruj dribbled two Masters and passed back to an incoming Mikael who finished scoring the second goal of the game.

It was a good win given the circumstances of missing key players and one sub at the end of the game. All players stepped up well to get the 3 points, and especially Stein, who actually looked a little redder than normal during the game – maybe it’s from vehemently yelling at everyone on the pitch throughout the game. The winning streak is once again extended to five games with 3 points separating us from first. Lets hope Michael will soon return and that Richard has a speedy recovery!

Match report: T-Dogg