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Vikings – BC Masters 4-1

Vikings – BC Masters 4-1

Man of the Match
Yellow Card
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Ruj 2, Udom, Morris

Graeme, Hallas

“We got to make them pay for showing up at this age!” Quote from captain Graeme to finish of his pre game speech. The BC Masters did show up with a squad full of experience but still managed to put up a good fight.

Vikings were without a keeper but thanks to Hallas and Breitner who took one half each the problem was solved. After the heavy rain last week the weather was back to its normal ways – hot and humid.


The lineup: Hallas; Travis, Breitner, Graeme, Stein; Christian H, Chris, Martin, Jannik; Mofok, Udom.

Subs: Christian L and Ruj.


Vikings started out well enough and strung together some good passes. Problem was the lack of concentration which gave the BC Masters some chances in front of goal. Mofok had the first good opportunity as Christian H passed to him in front of goal but the keeper saved. Also Ruj had some good chances and hit the crossbar twice.

Vikings should have taken the lead as Ruj passed the ball back to Jannik who looked up and found Mofok unmarked at the far post. With no keeper to beat and from only one meter the effort went over goal. Unlucky!

Christian H who had made a lot of good passes finally got a chance to score but the keeper saved his effort. As halftime approached the BC Masters came close to scoring as the Vikings made some unnecessary turnovers. But it was 0-0 at halftime which was a bit disappointing with all the good chances missed.


Second half saw the BC Masters getting tired and often they would keep players in front of the ball which created more space for the Vikings. The referee awarded a penalty kick to the Vikings as Ruj was brought down in the box. Christian H placed the ball to left as the keeper jumped to the right. 1-0.


The BC Masters tried their best to equalize and as they were still arguing over a penalty claim the Vikings counter attacked and Hallas passed to Ruj who scored with only the keeper to beat. 2-0.


With the two goals advantage it was hard to see the BC Masters getting back in it. They kept fighting though and committed some stupid free kicks as well. One of their strikers was suddenly left alone and scored with no chance for Breitner in goal. 2-1.


With only the one goal advantage anything could happen even if the Vikings appeared to be the better side. Graeme picked out Udom with a perfect long ball. Udom went past the keeper and had plenty of time to roll the ball into the empty net. 3-1.


This goal seemed to finish off the BC Masters and shortly after Ruj took the ball away from one of their defenders and scored his second of the day. 4-1.


Mofok made a nice pass to Hallas but his shot hit the post. This was the last action of the game and the Vikings had secured three important points. Promotion rivals German All-Stars and I-Play played against each other and the Germans won 3-0. This means Vikings are now second in the table five points in front of I-Play with a game in hand but the Germans are still three points in front and have a game in hand as well.


Man of the match was Graeme.   



Match report by: Jannik