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Vikings – BKK United

Vikings – BKK United
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Claus, Martin V


First win of the season for the Vikings!!

Finally a well deserved win for the battered Vikings!! You could feel it in the air already well before kick off. The Vikings were sick and tired of losing and dropping points late in games, and the Japanese were the once who would gonna have to pay the price! That accompanied by a really strong squad and the Vikings started out strong, controlling the game from the first kick. After only 5 minutes the Vikings were ahead after “Comeback Kid” Claus received the ball, went passed a Japanese defender, and set Bjerner up for an easy tap in. Incredibly enough though, the linesman got his flag up in a very late offside call, and I think that everyone watching the game can agree the linesman didn’t have the greatest of games. So back to square, but that wouldn’t stop the Vikings on a day like this. They continued to work hard and put pressure on the Japanese defenders. It would take almost 30 minutes and a couple of hair-raising misses by Bjerner before Claus was able to put the Vikings ahead from a great through ball by Johan Mofok. 1-0 was also the score at halftime.

The second half continued much as the first with the Vikings in command. The Japanese weren’t allowed to create any chances and the Viking defense looked as strong as ever. Instead it was the Vikings who continued to create chance without being able to score, and the Viking coaches will be using the coming practices for shooting practice for Bjerner. Just as they thought he would be there alone practicing, Matt signed up for the extra training as well with a to-put-it-in-a-nice-way, weak finish. According to the player himself he was saving it for his last game in two weeks, to make it a typical American fairytale ending. Finally though there was a second goal for the Vikings as Martin V’s corner went straight towards goal and crossed the line before the Japanese keeper was able to save it. 2-0! The Vikings didn’t go into cruising mode though, but continued to fight to the last whistle to record their first win of the season! It was truly a great performance and everyone on the team deserves credit for the incredible work ethic shown all over the pitch. Voted man of the match was Claus who lived up to the high expectations and showed he will be a great addition to the squad.