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Vikings – British Club 1-1

Vikings – British Club 1-1

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Martin V

Faced with a mean losing streak and a depleted squad the Vikings were up against all odds as they took on Division 1 leaders British Club. Marcus was out for this game so Hallas took on the keeper position. Richard was still not ready for his long awaited comeback and Joel, Mikkel, Niklas, Billing and Christian “Øffe” were missing as well.

Lineup: Hallas; A, Breitner, Stein, Jannik; Mofok, Chris, Martin V, Fran; Tim, Andreas

Subs: Ruj, A, Tonn.

As the match got underway it wasn’t easy to see that this was top against bottom of the league. Vikings fought for every single ball – something that’s been missing in previous games. Hallas looked comfortable in the keeper position and Breitner took charge of the defense. Unfortunately it was British club who took the lead as one of their strikers beat the offside trap. It did appear that the striker was offside but the linesman did not react. 0-1.

Now it seemed that the old scenario would play over again with Vikings going down to an early goal. But the team reacted well and did good to close down the quick British club strikers who mostly had to chase long balls. There were also a couple of good chances to equalize as Mofok came close on a couple of occasions. At halftime the score was still 0-1.

During second half it was the British Club that started to control the game and they looked to have doubled the lead but this time the referee called the offside. Vikings mostly tried to pick out Andreas and Ruj who often created trouble for the British Club defenders. It turned out to be the Vikings trademark that would finally get the equalizer. Martin V took a good throw-in that put Andreas one on one with the keeper. Andreas beat the keeper with a great finish and the game was tied. 1-1.

Now British Club tried to add some more pressure but it mostly resulted in some dangerous counter attacks from the Vikings. The defense still looked strong and the midfield worked hard as ever with especially Fran giving it 120%. As a British club defender received his second yellow card it was a good chance for the Vikings to run off with all 3 points. Martin V hit a couple of free kicks while Fran and Ruj also came close to getting the winner. But as the referee blew his final whistle it was 1-1 and this was probably a fair result. For the Vikings it was good to end the losing streak and getting back some of the old fighting spirit.

Man of the match was Breitner.



Match report by: Jannik