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Vikings – British Club

Vikings – British Club
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Claus, Chris, Keld

Martin V, Udom

Vikings come out on top in epic battle

Vikings faced top rivals British Club in a late afternoon kick off. Both teams knew the importance of securing all 3 points in the hunt for division leaders Anatolia.

Vikings lined up in a classic 4-4-2 formation with Michael in goal, Stein as right back, Richard and Hallas in central defense and Jannik as left back. In midfield Chris was back to team up with Martin V in the engine room, Bjerner played on the right wing and Keld on the left. Up front were Tim and Claus. Coach Mofok, Travis and Udon started on the bench.

First half was pretty even with both teams putting pressure on the ball. BC had one good chance but the shot went wide. Otherwise the Vikings defense looked solid. Vikings also created a couple of good opportunities when Claus delivered some good crosses.
The break through came when the BC keeper failed to clear what appeared to be a harmless ball. Martin V was there and even though two BC players fouled him he managed to pass the ball to Claus who alone in front of goal made no mistake.

Vikings continued the good performance in second half and BC was not able to create any danger in front of the Vikings goal. So following the run of play Vikings went up 2-0 after a trademark goal. Martin V delivered one of his long throw-ins and as the BC keeper watched in amazement Chris appeared and headed home.

With a two goals lead the Vikings still kept focus and fought hard to deny BC any way back in the game. Claus made a clever move in the penalty area and after a clumsy foul from a BC defender a penalty was given. Captain Keld was cool as a Spy winecooler and left the BC keeper without a chance – 3-0.

At this stage BC really gave it a go and managed to put the Vikings under pressure. After some unlucky bounces the ball fell to a BC player who scored with a well placed shot. This encouraged the BC players and keeper Michael had to pull out a couple of good saves. But in the end it was a well deserved win to a hard working Vikings team.