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Vikings – BSL Masters 6-2

Vikings – BSL Masters 6-2


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Sivva 4, Mofok, Chris

Mofok, Anan, Stein

It was with high anticipation the twelve men strong Vikings-squad lined up to face the BSL Masters on the anniversary of Rama V. Due to the cold weather in Thailand right now, only approximately around 30 degrees, the Vikings lined up in black shirts. Despite an extremely bad start with one conceded goal after just 15 seconds, the Vikings could gather the three points quite easily.

In the first half, the Vikings were not to be recognized, especially after the last few weeks of good performances which have raised the level of anticipation. Even though a bad start, the Vikings could equalize after 16 minutes, after a great run from Anan who served the all mighty Mofok, who with his deadly right foot leaved the BSL Masters goalkeeper without a chance. The Vikings did perform better and better with a couple of “half-chances” so the next BSL goal came as a complete surprise from everybody. Alone with a BSL striker, even the great Finn couldn´t avoid giving the BSL Masters a second goal and we were down 1-2 after 25 minutes. Despite these two fallbacks, the Vikings kept their heads high and when Fran delivered a sensitive corner kick, Chris wasn’t late to deliver – a perfect header which even Tim Cahill wouldn’t have made more justice of. With only ten minutes left of the first half, Sivva stepped in to the game. Jusso, Vikings great keeper, delivered a long goal kick which bounced over a stunned BSL keeper, leaving Sivva alone with an empty goal. For the BSL Masters, a psychological tough goal to concede, but a great joy for the Vikings who now could earn a half time rest in the lead, 3-2.

In the second half, the Vikings came out as a completely new team, with great defending all the way from midfield to defense, and when the Vikings also managed to keep the ball within the team, the BSL Masters got more and more fatigue. Also, on top the Vikings had Sivva. 4-2 came from nothing – Sivva got/took the ball from one defender and easily passed the – during half time – substituted BSL keeper.  Twelve minutes later, Sivva was on the run again. Mofok earned a second point for the day when he delivered (I believe with his left foot!) the ball and Sivva, who now was going for a hat-trick, did no mistake, 5-2! Now, and probably for the first time ever in the Vikings history, the Vikings stamina seemed more impressive than their opponents, and it was only a matter of time before Vikings would extend their lead. And so they did, and guess who delivered? Sivva, with his fourth (4!) goal of the day, following a great counter attack where Stein, unselfish Norwegian as he is, passed the ball to Sivva, who for the fourth time made the BSL keeper bend his back and collect the ball from the net.

When the referee blew the whistle for full time, it meant that the Vikings still are unbeaten this season. Overall a decent performance from the only twelve men strong squad which performed a much better second half than the first one.

Man of the match? Well, if you as Sivva, deliver four goals during the last 50 minutes (out of which he was a sub for 10) you easily deserve this high ranking distinction.

Match report: Carlbock