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Vikings – FC Nova 6-2

Vikings – FC Nova 6-2

Man of the Match
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Filip 3, Martin V, Sivva

Spiderman 2, Sivva, Filip

Some games are more memorable than others, and neither Vikings nor FC Nova will forget last weekend’s clash anytime soon. Vikings were out to seek revenge after a miserable performance on a windswept Pattaya pitch back in October – they got it in the most punishing of ways!

Coach Mofok decided to play with a 4-5-1 formation instead of 4-4-2, which would prove to be a brilliant move. Apart from the formation itself, the most noteworthy changes were Spiderman as a defensive midfielder and Oscar playing next to Stein in central defense. The first few minutes of the game were fairly uneventful; neither team took charge in fear of making mistakes that the opponent surely would make the most of. Scans looked solid, with one major exception – defending on set pieces. FC Nova had a few big guys (what kind of additives do they put in the beer in Pattaya?) who knew how to use their advantage in size whenever they were awarded a free kick or corner. Vikings were struggling hard to protect their goal and Juuso had to make one brilliant save after another.

Some Vikings supporters were wondering how new star player Filip would perform against a strong opponent, considering the previous three games resulted in 9 fairly comfortable points. After 17 minutes of the first half, they got their answer. Vikings were awarded a free kick a few meters into Nova’s half. Spiderman crossed the ball into the box, Filip jumped higher than everybody else and headed it home, 1-0 Vikings! Nova were, of course, not too happy with this result and looked for a quick equalizer.  10 minutes after Scans goal, they actually found a way to defeat Vikings’ goalkeeper. After a few misunderstandings in Vikings’ defense, one of Nova’s strikers found the net as he placed the ball right next to Juuso’s left post, 1-1. Vikings’ fans probably feared the worst after that goal, but as it turned out, Nova’s equalizer was the last bit of fun they would have this sunny Saturday afternoon.

Some people say that if you’ve got a special weapon, you shouldn’t use it too often as the opponents will learn how to defend themselves against it. Fortunately, Spiderman and Filip have never heard about this. 10 minutes before the halftime break, Spiderman once again crossed a free kick into the penalty area. This time Filip looked up, aimed and headed it in the far corner, well out of reach for the goalkeeper. Vikings were once again in the driver’s seat, 2-1! After the goal, Nova put Vikings under pressure and created several clear chances. However, the way Juuso played this afternoon, it would have taken a Messi on yaba to score another goal on Vikings. When the referee blew the half-time whistle, Vikings still had a 2-1 lead.
A few minutes into the second half, Martin V took off on one of his characteristic solo runs, which made a frustrated Nova defender shout: “Stop that fucking rugby player!”  Another Nova defender did stop Martin V – by kicking him down from behind, ten meters outside the penalty area. This ugly tackle resulted in a free kick and the Nova player’s second yellow card. Nova would now have to try to equalize with only ten players, but that was just the beginning of their problems. Martin V took the free kick himself, and what a beautiful free kick it was! He blasted it just under the crossbar, the Nova keeper didn’t even have time to react, 3-1!

With two goals up and eleven players against ten, it now looked like Vikings had a comfortable cruise to three points ahead of them. But why not take the chance to improve the goal difference against the table leaders? 4-1 would soon follow. After a good run from Spiderman and a beautiful one-two pass from Siva, Spiderman found himself alone with the keeper and made no mistake. Vikings fourth goal perhaps made them relax a bit too much. Nova were allowed to keep possession and actually managed to get one goal back. The 2-4 goal apparently served as a warning bell – Vikings decided to finish the game in style. A long ball from Vikings defense was flicked on by Micke. Much to Erik Carlborg’s dismay, Micke’s flick was picked up by Filip, who dribbled past two defenders and shot from inside the penalty area. The shot went straight at the keeper, but it was too hard for him to control and the ball eventually bounced over the goal line, 5-2! As if a hat trick wouldn’t be enough, soon after Vikings’ fifth goal, Filip was looking to score his fourth goal for the game. Once again, he dribbled past dejected Nova players and blasted the ball at goal. However, this time Filip didn’t score. The ball hit the crossbar, bounced up and down on the goal line a few times, before Siva headed it home from a distance of 5 centimeters, 6-2! A few minutes later, the referee thought the poor Nova players had had enough and blew the final whistle. Scandinavian Vikings had defeated FC Nova with 6 goals to 2!

Great work from all players and a few brilliant individual performances were the key behind this fantastic victory. In all fairness, the game could have ended in a somewhat different way without Juuso’s magnificent saves in the first half. Sometimes scoring a hat trick isn’t enough – Man of the match goes to Juuso!

1-0 Filip (Spiderman)
2-1 Filip (Spiderman)
3-1 Martin V
4-1 Spiderman (Siva)
5-2 Filip (Micke)
6-2 Siva (Filip)

Match report by: Bladet