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Vikings – GAS 0-0

Vikings – GAS 0-0

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They say old guns never die, but Scandinavian Vikings’ attacking weapons, of which at least two are of considerable age, sure were rusty when they took on German All Stars on Saturday.

The third game of the season saw a strong Vikings starting line-up. Regular star keeper Juuso Heikurainen was absent due to international duties, though, but Scans have found a competent replacement in Rene. He acted with confidence throughout the game and proved he’s got plenty of experience. That being said, the Vikings keeper wasn’t exactly put to the test. In fact, it’s quite likely that he’s never had a more quiet afternoon as a goalkeeper. Vikings solid defence took care of whatever the Germans tried to conjure, and central midfielders Peter Sveistrup and Chris Lundqvist probably ran more than the Germans combined. But then there were the attackers…

From the very first minute of the game, Vikings took charge and they dominated throughout the first half. Loads of possession and some clever passes led to one chance after another. Johan Mühlman, Sivapol, Peter Sveistrup, and Spiderman took turns in testing the magnificent German keeper, but they were all denied. Henrik “Hank” Olofsson will probably have nightmares about his miss 20 minutes into the half. The ball bounced back and forth a few times in the penalty box before Hank all of a sudden got the ball two meters in front of the goal. The keeper was already down, this time it looked like he was beaten, but he still managed to be in the way as Hank shot right at him. However, Hank was not alone when it came to missing chances this afternoon. Most of the crowd probably wondered when Scan’s top scorer Anders Kargo would step into action and give his team a more than well-deserved lead. He did try, but his signature finishes were also denied by the All Stars keeper. Vikings’ fans couldn’t believe their eyes when the referee blew the halftime whistle and it said 0-0 on the scoreboard.  What about the Germans, you may ask? They did have a counter-attack attempt after a Vikings corner. With a brutal – but fair – 10 meters long sliding tackle, man of the match Breitner made it very clear that the Germans were not welcome on the other side of the halfway line.

The second half followed the same pattern. Vikings were dominating completely, created loads of chances, but the German goalkeeper looked more and more like an Übermensch having the game of his life. Towards the end of the game, Vikings got somewhat frustrated at their own inability to score, but they kept putting the Germans under tremendous pressure and were bound to get a great chance before the final whistle. In the dying seconds of the game, the chance came and it was (wouldn’t you know it) Anders Kargo who got it. After a perfect cross from Micke S, Anders got the ball at the edge of the penalty box, tricked a defender and found himself alone with the goalkeeper. Any other day, this chance would have resulted in a goal, but Anders shot was easily blocked by the German giant in goal. Moments later, the game was over and Vikings had to deal with the fact that for all their possession and clear chances, they just got one point. However, apart from firing blanks in front of the opponents’ goal, it was a solid performance. If Vikings can keep this play up, surely they will find the back of the net next time.                  

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