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Vikings – iPlay 3-0

Vikings – iPlay 3-0

Man of the Match
Yellow Card
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Breitner, Ruj, Hallas


After the 5-1 win on Saturday it was time for the second game of the weekend. This time the opponent was I-Play which is one of the top teams in the league. For this game the Vikings had to do without Chris but at least a new keeper – Beer (the person not the drink) was ready to make his debut.


The lineup: Beer; Travis, Stein, Breitner, Joel; Jannik, Morris, Martin, Hallas; Udom, Mofok.

Subs: Graeme, Christian L, Ruj.


The game started out a bit slow with Vikings keeping most of the possession and I-Play mostly trying to counter attack. It was Vikings who took the lead after a corner from Jannik found Mofok in front of goal. Mofok made a powerful header that the keeper could only block and Breitner was there to score on the loose ball – with his knee. 1-0.


Vikings often looked dangerous on the long throw-ins and corner kicks and Mofok went close to scoring with a shot just off the left post. I-Play had their chances as well but the defense did well to hold them off. At halftime the score was 1-0 for the Vikings.


At the beginning of second half it was still a hard fought match and I-Play had one good midfielder who often created some danger. Morris received a yellow card for a professional foul on the I-Play midfielder. Vikings still looked as the better team and as Ruj was brought down near the penalty area the referee awarded a free kick and the I-Play defender received a yellow card. This resulted in a lot of complaining from some of the I-Play players and in the end the referee decided to send one of them off.

Shortly after Ruj used his speed to get himself between a defender and the keeper and lobbed the ball into the net. 2-0.


From then on the I-Play team had to argue about every single referee decision and it didn’t look too much like football anymore. Udom was brought down in the penalty area and the referee awarded a penalty. Udom took the penalty kick himself but as he placed it to the left the keeper made a good save. On the following corner one I-Play player just couldn’t stand Mofok any longer and charged right into him. This scene brought great memories of such comedies as the Benny Hill show and Fleksnes (was the Norwegian national day after all) but sadly it was supposed to be a football game.


Hallas took charge of the second penalty kick and placed it near the left post with no chance for the keeper. 3-0.


With this goal the Vikings had closed the game and even though I-Play came close on a couple of occasions Beer kept his clean sheet. All in all a good weekend with wins over the two closest rivals to the second spot in the league. Now the Vikings have secured the second place and a possible promotion to Division 1. There is still a chance to win the title but in that case the undefeated Germans must lose two of their last three games.


Man of the match was Breitner.

Match report by: Jannik