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Vikings – iPlay 6-2

Vikings – iPlay 6-2


Man of the Match
Yellow Card
Red Card
Martin V 4, Chris, Mofok
Juuso 2, Chris, Fran
Martin V

After a couple of weeks with disappointed results, the Vikings finally earned a three-pointer again. Despite an injury list long as Richard´s genitals, and Joel and Uddman with a flu, the Vikings managed to put on a 13 man strong squad, thanks to rookie´s as Andreas and Alec.  However, it wasn´t a team performance full with excellence and skill, but Scandinavian Vikings have something that the opponents, IPlay, doesn´t have – the fast running Martin V.

After a poorly opening  20 minutes of the game, the Vikings had a ball in the net – at least that was what everybody expected when Martin V served captain Chris with an excellent pass. BUT, like great strikers like Yakubu and Hans Eskilsson, Chris managed to kick the ball over the bar, a quite impressing performance from 9 feet. Though, the big question isn´t why and how Chris could miss – the real issue is if the denied goal was bigger than Mofok´s penalty miss against Sportsman a couple of weeks ago?!

It was now time for Martin V to do his real entry. Receiving a pass from the Chris, he gently shot an unstoppable shot up in the right hand corner, 1-0! Still aroused by this spectacular goal, the Vikings were up in the sky when IPlay overcome the Viking defense with some quick passes, and Jusso, the great Finn, could do nothing but collect the ball out of the net, 1-1. The Vikings found new encouragement when the teams greatest and most loyal supporter – Bobo – entered the stands. All of a sudden, the Vikings kept the ball within the team and put on some good chances. Brothers in Winecooler, Sebbe and Siva, were both close to put the Vikings ahead again.

Then, Jusso served Martin V with a long goal kick, and Martin V did no mistakes, 2-1 for the Vikings. The Vikings were now in total control of the game, but it would last until the final minute of the first half until Chris made up for his earlier miss. A long ball from the right came into rookie Andreas reach and his header ended up on Chris right foot which put the ball back into the net, 3-1 and half time!
During halftime, everyone was encouraging each other with words as;

  • “come on guys, don´t lose this now, we are experts in dropping a lead like this!”

Second half started as the first, low tempo and without any great chances. Out of nothing, one of IPlay´s strikers is alone with Jusso and with a great loop, he makes the game closer, 3-2. Now, the question was; will the Vikings pull themselves together and hold on to the lead. Well, the earth stood almost still, when Tim found himself in an excellent position to put the Vikings ahead with a two-goal lead. Somehow, the ball took an ugly bounce over Tim´s left foot and all that came out of the chance was a goal kick. Speaking of goal kicks, Martin V took soon after advantage of a big mistake from the IPlay keeper. Martin V simply “blocked” the keepers clearance, and the ball bounced from Martin V´s back in to the net. Not the prettiest goal, but very important, 4-2 and a hat-trick for the Dane.

All of a sudden, the Vikings started to play more relaxed, and it didn’t take long until Fran, one of the most hard working Scans for the day, made his defender and served all mighty coach Mofok, who one´s again showed his accuracy and placed the ball behind a chanceless goalkeeper, 5-2! The game wasn´t over with this and it was time for the crowd to experience another performance, signed Jusso and Martin V. For a second time, Martin V fooled his defenders and exploited Jusso precise goal kick into his fourth goal of the game, and a final score, 6-2. By this, Martin V took a huge step up and is now currently runner-up after Siva in the internal top scorer list. Even more notable, is that Jusso (the KEEPER) has most assists so far…

Most valuable player: Martin V.

Author of match report: Erik “Invalido” Carlbock