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Vikings – Londoners 0-2

Vikings – Londoners 0-2

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After an impressive victory against the Turks it was now time to face the Londoners. A strong team that won the league last year so the Vikings would have to look for something special to come away with a result.

Lineup: Anan; Joel, Breitner, Stein, Arvling; Mofok, Henrik, Chris, Jannik; Martin V, Hallas. Subs: Tim, Marcus and Flemming.

The Vikings made a good start to the match with the midfield often winning possession of the ball and the strikers worked hard to stress the Londoners defense. The defense also looked very comfortable and same for Anan in goal. One of the best chances fell to the Vikings as Chris headed just over the crossbar. Martin V was brought down in the penalty area but somehow the referee saw the foul being committed just outside. There were also plenty of corners and long throw-ins but the Londoners defended well.
Instead it was the Londoners who took the lead after a cross was allowed to bounce around the penalty area. 0-1. It was a bit unlucky to fall behind after the good chances but the Londoners even managed to score a second from a great long distance shot. So at halftime the score was 0-2 but the Vikings certainly deserved better after a good performance.

Second half saw the Londoners mainly trying to protect their lead while the Vikings struggled to create any good chances. Chris came close and Martin V even closer with a great shot that bounced off the crossbar. A goal would have been well deserved but it wasn’t to be. The Londoners also had great chances from counter attacks and both Breitner and Stein played a great game to hold them off.

In spite of many good chances the second half turned into a goalless affair and the Londoners took all three points. The Vikings will be disappointed with the result but can be proud of a good performance with hard work from the whole team.

Man of the match went to Henrik after just beating Stein to it with one vote!

Match report by: Jannik