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Vikings – Londoners 2-7

Vikings – Londoners 2-7

Man of the Match
Yellow Card
Red Card

Chris, Andreas

Niklas, Martin V
Chris, Hallas

After last week’s game against Bulls Head had been postponed due to rain it was now time to face defending champions Londoner FC.  Long term casualty Richard was still missing and so was Ruj, Marcus and Fran. Hallas was back in the squad though.

Lineup:  Billing; Hallas, Breitner, Mikkel, Stein; Jannik; Mofok, Chris, Martin V, Niklas; Andreas.

Subs: Tim, Joel, Christian “Øffe”

A tough game was expected on a Patana field that had seen better days. Another problem was the choice of white shirts as the Londoner had just invested in a new wardrobe of the same color. As they insisted on wearing their new outfits the Vikings were forced to put on some red tops. This was obviously a big disadvantage as the outcome of the game would later prove.

During the first 20 minutes both teams played with low risk and it looked even. Then the Londoner broke the deadlock with a lucky goal after the Vikings failed to clear the ball. This set off a goal avalanche with 3 unanswered Londoner goals in just about 5 minutes. Down 0-4 the Vikings looked beaten and the halftime break was most welcome.

Vikings started out well in the second half and it must be said that the defense and especially stand in keeper Billing did good in spite of the score. After trying to score from corners and long throw-ins the goddess of luck finally smiled down on the Vikings. Niklas headed a ball across goal and Chris was there to push it over the line. 1-4.

The goal definitely boosted morale but only minutes after the Londoner scored from a free kick to make it 1-5. This seemed to be the famous straw and the Vikings never found their way back in the match. The Londoner added two more goals before Andreas could make it 2-7 with his second goal of the season.

A big defeat for the Vikings but also a tough opponent as the Londoner played well. Next week it will be time to put things right when Bulls Head are waiting in the Cup –  again a strong opponent but with players coming back a good performance will be expected.

Man of the match was Mikkel.

Match report by: Jannik