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Vikings – Pattaya Reserves 0-3

Vikings – Pattaya Reserves 0-3


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After a narrow defeat in Pattaya last weekend we hoped to perform better this week against Pattaya City Reserves, but that wasn’t to happen… Coach Mofok missed some players in Chris, Richard, Joel, Erik and Claus being absent for various reason but with Ruj and Uddman in the squad we still had high expectations before kick-off.  A 14 man strong squad faced off with the following line-up from right to left: Juuso, Arvling – Stein – Oscar – Micke; Mofok – Martin V – Fran – Hallas; Ruj – Sivva. Bench: Sebbe – Tim and Uddman.

Pattaya only had 12 men present, whereas 7 Thais.  Coach Mofok still allowed them to play with 11 men, which was our first mistake of the game…  Rules are rules and if we would have known that all of their Thai players were more than decent, we might have decided differently. The game started off with some minor chances both ways before Pattaya got more and more possession. After 20 mins  they managed to get through our defense, crossing the ball to nr. 10 on the left side that hit a clean strike in Juuso’s right upper corner. Not much to do there… 15 mins later though… Lighting struck on Patana since we finally realized that Juuso is human. A shot from far out somehow found its way into the back of the net. Juuso said afterwards that he took his eyes of the ball, and I guess that’s exactly what happened. 0-2 half time. No real chances for Vikings first half except for Hallas being free with the keeper but managed to shoot outside the goal.

With some small changes to the line-up in second half with Uddman and Fran in central midfield and Martin V on the wing we managed to get some more possession but somehow we couldn’t  try the goalkeeper of Pattaya all game. A header on a corner when we lost marking totally sealed the result to 0-3… 

Man of the Match: None

Match report: Mofok