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Vikings – Pickled Liver 3-2

Vikings – Pickled Liver 3-2

Man of the Match
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Christian 2, Mofok

Chris, Udom

Pickled Liver was the opponent for the first time this season. A team that the Vikings have struggled to beat the last seasons. To make things worse it was a depleted squad that turned up Sunday afternoon. Long term casualties Michael and Richard were still out while Martin V was not available. Travis, Pong and Nick had to pull out with short notice due to knee injuries and sickness respectively. The good news was the comeback of goalkeeper Bjarne and Andy who came to the rescue.


The lineup: Bjarne; Hallas, Graeme, Breitner, Stein; Mofok, Christian, Chris, Jannik; Udom, Ruj

Subs: Tim, Andy


Pickled Liver was able to put on some pressure during the first half. They didn’t look to dangerous though with most of their attempts far off target. Vikings had some chances on their own before taking the early lead. Chris did some magic near the goal line and passed the ball in front of goal. Either Mofok or a Pickled Liver player tapped the ball into the net and it was hard to see who should get credit. Mofok was heard shouting “I didn’t touch it” though… 1-0.


After the goal the Vikings seemed to gain some more confidence and did good in letting the ball do the work. It was still a hard fought game and the midfield led by Chris and Christian worked really hard. The defense played solid but Breitner received a yellow card for going a bit over the top. Udom and Ruj made good runs and also stressed the Pickled Liver players when they tried to bring up the ball. It was Udom who got in a good position around the penalty area but instead of taking a shot he passed to Christian who first timed the ball into the back of the net with no chance for the keeper – great goal. 2-0.


Before halftime Pickled Liver did get a goal back. Bjarne missed a high ball coming into the penalty area and the score at halftime was 2-1.


During second half the Vikings looked a bit tired and it was a tough game with only two subs. Both Andy and Tim worked well when they came on but as Breitner hurt his foot and had to limp off it looked a bit shaky all of a sudden. Pickled Liver took advantage as one of their strikers scored from a tight angle. 2-2.


Breitner did manage to come back on and last part of second half saw the Vikings looking for the winning goal. Christian, Ruj and Udom often looked dangerous and went close to scoring on a couple of occasions. Ruj broke through the Pickled Liver defense and was brought down just outside the penalty area. Christian and Udom lined up and as Udom jumped over the ball Christian fired home in the top right corner. 3-2 and what a goal!


The remaining part of the game saw Vikings holding on to the ball and Pickled Liver didn’t manage to threaten the lead. So with this win it’s now seven in a row and twelve consecutive games as undefeated. This week also saw close rivals I-Play and German All-Stars pick up wins so its status quo in the promotion battle.


Man of the match was Christian with an overwhelming amount of votes.   

Match report by: Jannik