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Vikings – Pickled Liver 3-3

Vikings – Pickled Liver 3-3

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Hallas, Sivva, Mofok


On the hottest day of the year (according to Micke, Scandinavian Vikings’ new weather expert), Scans were looking at a tough afternoon against Pickled Liver. The pink-shirted opponents had an 18-strong squad, whereas the Vikings had no substitutes at all when the referee blew his whistle for kick-off. Hence, the question of the day was: could quantity really beat quality? The answer is: of course not! Despite a slow beginning of the game, with a lot of passing sideways on the midfield, the blistering heat was taking its toll on the Viking players. Pickled Liver had a couple of dangerous shots from outside the box, of which one touched the crossbar, but goalkeeper Juuso took care of all the goal attempts in a safe manner. However, Vikings were not completely harmless, but had problems finding the decisive pass in the box. In the middle of the first half, one of Pickled Liver’s many through balls from the midfield ended up at the feet of their forward. The attacker was offside by at least 4 meters, but after a horrendous call by the linesman, the surprised Pickled Liver player was completely alone with Scans’ Finnish keeper. Fortunately, Juuso made a terrific save and proved that his great performance against ze Germans last week was no coincidence. At this point in the match, Vikings were hanging on by the skin of their teeth. It was the perfect time for comebacking Jesper Hallas to give Scans some room to breathe. Vikings were awarded a free kick 10 meters outside the penalty box. With the precision and delicacy of a surgeon, Hallas found a gap between the Pickled Liver keeper’s hands and Vikings were up 1-0. This was also the half time result.

For the second half, Vikings had 13 players available, thanks to Tim (who arrived late in first half due to some logistic problems) and Aidan (on loan from Bull’s head). Perhaps the two extra players made Vikings relax a bit too much, because all of a sudden they were down 1-2. After two nice finishes on two equally nice passes, Pickled Liver both equalized and took the lead within a couple of minutes. Vikings’ defense sometimes had problems with the opponents’ clever through balls. Consequently, it was thanks to two of these through balls Pickled Liver managed to regain momentum. However, they didn’t get to keep it for long, because Sivva decided to take matters into his own hands. After dribbling past a few players on midfield, he advanced into the penalty box and found the back of the net with a distinctive shot next to the goalkeeper’s right post, 2-2. Minutes later, Mofok stepped into action. On a pass from Anan, who was on an offensive run far down the right wing, Mofok turned and got rid of his marking before he beautifully put the ball in the far corner with his left(!) foot, giving Vikings the lead, 3-2. Mofok’s goal looked like a winning one, but 8 minutes before full time, Pickled Liver got lucky on another through ball, 3-3, which was also the final result. All in all, 3-3 was a pretty fair result which both teams seemed to be happy with. Scans suffered from not having any substitutes during the first half, against Pickled Livers 18 players. Nevertheless, all Viking players showed great fighting spirit. With a few more players, this team can – and will – play better. Let the season begin!

Man of the Match: Sivva

Match report by: Bladet