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Vikings – Pickled Liver 5-0

Vikings – Pickled Liver 5-0

Man of the Match
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Chris 3, Filip, Sivva

Filip 2, Arvling 3

On Saturday, Vikings were back on their turf after a successful trip to Pattaya the previous week. Before the game against Pickled Liver, Vikings had 5 consecutive wins and were beaming with confidence. However, they say that for every win, you get one step closer to a defeat, and with only one sub in the first half and no subs at all after the half-time break, some skeptics questioned if Scans winning streak could really continue. Ironically, they got to see a game that turned out to be one of the clearest wins in the club’s history, as determined Vikings players showed Pickled Liver no mercy.
The starting line-up saw a comebacking Fran on the left wing, who showed no sign of having been out injured for two months. New player Ehsan started on the bench, he was later to come on for a great debut performance. As soon as the referee blew for kick-off, Scans floored the gas pedal and didn’t slow down until the game was over. 73-27 in possession and the estimated number of shots on goal (the official statisticians lost count after 25) are figures that speak for themselves. The only reason why it took 20 minutes for Scans to score was a bit of bad luck and a brilliant PL keeper. When the goal finally came, it was as beautiful as it was well-deserved. Arvling dribbled past two defenders on the right wing and delivered a perfect ball to Filip, who rushed towards the near post and had no problems finding the net from a short distance, 1-0! Vikings’ second goal came a few minutes later; it was equally beautiful and well-deserved as the first one. Ehsan, who had come on as a left defender a few minutes earlier, immediately showed that he wants to be in the starting eleven. After nice combination play with Fran, he crossed the ball into the box, Siva timed it perfectly, jumped higher than the PL defense and headed it home, 2-0! This would also turn out to be the half-time score; no doubt the PL players were happy that Scans lead wasn’t bigger.
If any Pickled Liver fans were hoping that Scans would get sloppy after the half-time break, Chris crushed their dreams like twigs underfoot. It took him one minute to extend Vikings’ lead to 3-0. Filip used his signature move ten meters outside the box; he found Chris with a simple pass while he was looking in another direction. This trick confused the opponents enough to leave Chris unmarked and alone with the keeper he made no mistake. Pickled Liver were a beaten team at this point, but Chris was just warming up. Ten minutes into the second half, Filip once again assisted Chris. This time Filip dribbled down the right wing and found Chris for an easy tap-in, 4-0! A few minutes before the full-time whistle, Chris completed his hat-trick by heading it in after another one of Arvling’s many precise crosses, 5-0!
Vikings’ 5th goal marked the end of the goal scoring and also meant that Vikings won their 6th game in a row. 5-0 is a big win, but as a matter of fact, Pickled Liver are probably quite happy with that result. If Scans keeper Juuso skipped a party on Friday because of the game, he must have regretted it as he had nothing to do this afternoon. And to describe all the clear chances Vikings had would be like trying to find a part of Coach Mofok’s head that still has traces of hair on it – it could be done, but it would take forever. In short, a significantly improved attitude since the last game and a fantastic performance by everyone, all over the line – from Juuso in goal to Siva and Mofok up front!
1-0 Filip (Arvling)
2-0 Siva (Ehsan)
3-0 Chris (Filip)
4-0 Chris (Filip)
5-0 Chris (Arvling)

Man of the match: Chris

Match report: Bladet