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Vikings – Pickled Liver 5-1

Vikings – Pickled Liver 5-1

Man of the Match
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Mofok 2, Christian 2, Martin V,

Martin V, Breitner, Hallas, Ruj
Martin V

It was time for the second meeting of the season with Pickled Liver a team the Vikings have often struggled to beat. A strong squad had turned up for the game with only Tim, Michael and Richard missing out. This week the keeper position was shared by Udom, Ruj and Stein.


The lineup: Udom; Travis, Graeme, Stein, Joel; Hallas, Chris, Martin, Jannik; Morris, Mofok

Subs: Ruj, Breitner, Christian L.


Pickled Liver got off to a good start as they scored an early goal from a free kick. It was taken from well outside the penalty area and somehow sneaked in low at the far post. 0-1.


So not exactly the start one could have hoped for. Vikings didn’t let this affect their game and continued to enjoy most of the ball possession. As the team finally remembered to use the width, ball speed and ball security it turned out that Pickled Liver couldn’t live with it. Vikings were given a lot of time on the ball and it didn’t take long before Martin found Morris with an excellent pass. Morris went by one defender and scored with a shot near the left post. 1-1.


Martin who seemed very motivated charged through the middle and blasted a shot towards goal. The keeper who wasn’t a small guy tried his best but still the ball went right over his head and into the back of the net. This is surely a candidate for goal of the season. 2-1.


From this point on it was the Vikings who dominated every aspect of the game. Jannik passed to Ruj who ran down the left side and passed flat in front of goal to Mofok who scored easily. 3-1.


This was probably one of the best half’s the Vikings have played during the entire season and to finish it off in style Breitner hit a perfect cross from the right to Mofok who scored on a diving header. 4-1.


The score was 4-1 at halftime and it was a well deserved lead. Second half saw Pickled Liver trying to fight a bit harder and put more pressure on the Vikings. At the same time the Vikings was satisfied with the result and tried to save some energy for the I-Play game next day. Udom did have a couple of very good chances and should probably have increased the lead. Only goal of the half was scored by Morris as he picked up a ball on the right side of the penalty area, went by the keeper and scored from a tight angle. 5-1.


A great game from the Vikings and especially first half was outstanding. This was mainly the result of a fantastic team performance. Martin was voted as man of the match.

Match report by: Jannik