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Vikings – Robin Hood 2-1

Vikings – Robin Hood 2-1

Man of the Match
Yellow Card
Red Card

Tim 3, Andreas 2, Martin V 2

A unique combination of youngsters -Andreas, Offe and Niklas, a bit older
chaps - Chris, Breitner (from the sidelines) and Joel, a bit of middle age -
Martin V, Stein, Fran, Jannick and Marcus capped off with a really old fart
- Tim Tuna travelled to the Arsenal pitch to take on Robin Hood and his
Merry Men. Chris awarded the Captain's Armband to El Presidente out of
respect for his elders and the match commenced greeted by the presence of a
Farang referee - a rare site in Thailand. Coming off a resounding victory
in the Casual League 1 on the weekend, the Scans were hoping not to be hit
on the rebound. Mad Martin V started the scoring early in the first half
with scramble in front of the goal and a neatly placed shot hitting the back
of the net. The Scans suddenly recognized that Sunday was not a fluke.
Mid-way through the first half, Mad Martin was at it again with direct
orders from El Presidente (from the sidelines) to "Have a shot". Fearing
the sheer weight of the Tuna on his back, Martin unleashed a screamer from
mid-field and the goalie had no chance but to retrieve the ball embedded in
the back of his net.

The second half saw the energized Scans open with Martin on the bench and
the youth team on the field. Fran made a good run down in the corner and
made a move for the goal when he was slashed from behind and awarded a
penalty. There was some confusion as to who would take the kick but youth
prevailed and Andreas hit a low flying rocket leaving the goalie to once
again extract the ball from the back of his net. Minutes later, Andreas
from the left side sent the ball flying into the right corner literally
blowing a hole through the net. The goalie had a long walk to collect the
ball from the next county! The Scan Goal Scoring Tsunami was forming. No
one knew that this Tsunami would be bigger than any in the last 100 or so
years. The first hint of this was realized as the ball was moving
down(stream)field and Martin was screaming at Tuna "IN THE BOX, IN THE BOX"
at the top of his lungs. Tuna, although having an innate fear of nets,
rushed towards the box as directed. Martin shot on goal, had it knocked
away by the goalie and in the ensuing scramble in front of the net, Tuna
cleverly popped the ball in the net. The power of the wave was unleashed
and minutes later from a feed from Fran, Tuna again was not to be caught and
put the ball in the net. The once in 50 years Tsunami had hit - 2 goals
from Tuna (in one game - not in one season). Robin Hood summoned all his
merry men in an attempt to stop the embarrassment being pounded into them by
the Scans. They could do little against the Scan Goal Scoring Tsunami which
was reaching heights never seen for many years. It now seemed that this
story was going in the history books but before the ink was dry, history
would be re-written. Once again the ball was moving down the left flank,
Niklas dribbled into the box, spotted Tuna in a feeding frenzy in front of
the net and sent a clean pass into Tuna who shot around two defenders and
the goalie into the top left corner of the net. HAT TRICK for Tim Tuna
a.k.a. El Presidente and El Capitan! The Scan Goal Scoring Tsunami had
completely destroyed the Merry Men 7-0! It was a solid team effort, lots of
passing, using the width, ball speed and hunting in packs. Also good work
by Marcus and the defense to keep a clean sheet. It was the once in 100
year event!

Match report by: Tuna